When a person’s top focus is to advance in his or her career because they love what they do, they are almost certain to succeed. Jay Martinez is one such Influencer. When he is on stage in front of a crowd of people, he feels energized; it is such a benefit to him that he is ready to continue organizing and be free.

Jay Martinez is a New Britain, Connecticut-based social media influencer and stock option day trader with over 13K Instagram followers. Product reviews, homeless outreach, sociological experiments, and humorous pranks are all things he undertakes.

He has 2 million tik tok followers and hopes to launch a YouTube channel in the future where he will execute kissing pranks and show males how to pick up girls in embarrassing situations. In fact, he co-founded Situational Ice Breakers, an app that helps people break the ice in awkward situations. He founded the app with the thinking that if you don’t have an approach, get into magic because everyone loves to see a magic trick, which is what made him so famous in high school and eventually led to his being voted homecoming king his sophomore year.

Jay emphasizes the importance of networking and staying engaged at all times. He is always on the lookout for business opportunities; if there is an issue that no one can address, it could be a potential business opportunity. He also raps and is a dedicated DJ, and he is so smart that he is continually networking for new chances. As an entrepreneur, he is never afraid to take on a new project.

Connect with Jay Martinez:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Lit_Jay__/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jaym407