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Jay Vinson – Exclusive Interview



Jay Vinson Exclusive Interview

“The most important question anyone can ask themselves is ‘what is my purpose?’,” said Vinson. “Because that question can lead us out of suffering and into a lifetime of discovering what God has planned for us. More often than not, that path starts with adversity and pain. This has never been more-clear than right now, with sickness and death all around us. But God always has a purpose for our pain. And life’s adversity has a way of leading us toward a higher goal.”

Jay Vinson is an Author, Certified Transformational Youth Life Coach for men, empowerment speaker, faith based leader, and business owner from Montgomery, Alabama. After the back to back loss of his uncle and grandmother in the spring of  2012, Jay dove into self-discovery and healing practices by reigniting his passion by working in the sports production industry and coaching the youth. Jay uses his gifts to continue to inspire and empower the youth as well as young men through social media and in the classroom. Jay currently resides in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area where he is an educator and is in the process of implementing his coaching program within the local schools.

He is the author of Pain to Purpose and his latest book Stepping Into Greatness From Pain to Purpose & Promise. Today we speak to him about his latest written book and how his business has been prospering during this global pandemic.

Tell us about your new book Stepping Into Greatness

“Stepping Into Greatness: From Pain to Purpose & Promise” blends from my personal and moving life story into a series of profound meditations that help guide readers to discover God’s purpose for their lives. Warm, friendly and conversational, this book is for everyone from all walks of life as this is a daily devotional filled with powerful affirmations after each devotion. This book  is intended for a wide audience: teenagers and adults, the faithful, and those who are still questioning.

Greatness doesn’t happen overnight, but it requires a lot of perseverance, sacrifice, being able to get through the pain then figuring out what your God given purpose may be on this earth. But, I discovered so many times people let the  weight of the world, their hectic schedule, the demands on their jobs, their life, overwhelm them. Along the way, they get stuck in a routine. It might even be a comfortable routine. But deep down, inside their soul, they know they were meant for more  and were made for more! Stepping Into Greatness is available everywhere books are sold.

Tell us about your experience in 2020 and how the pandemic affected you?

It has been disastrous, but at the same time I have grown so much personally and business wise. There have been inspirational moments and moments of sadness. Some days I wake up ready to attack each day on purpose, and some days I wish I could talk to my relatives one more time whom I lost due to COVID and a few years ago.  .

At the same time I felt compelled to launch my business before the pandemic in 2020. I had no idea that our country would be hit by a pandemic that we are still faced with today of COVID19. So, I had to pivot and change my entire plans with my entire business. With me being a more hands on type of person, I had to learn how to pivot part of my business to the online platform. But, the good part is that I had a few business owners who coached me through the process with how to start part of my business online.

Which project are you working on nowadays as you are a leader,author and youth transformational life coach?

I am currently working on launching my youth coaching academy for boys within the local school system here in the metro Atlanta area and abroad As being a full time educator I am seeing first hand that a lot of students are losing hope, stressed out, don’t know what their purpose is for life, and are not engaging in school due to the pandemic that our nation is currently faced with.

The grade level I plan on having my coaching academy for is middle school and high school. Although, we are still in the middle of a pandemic and most parents may not feel comfortable with their child being in school face to face, I have another option for them. I plan on hosting one-on-one coaching sessions for those individuals virtually through the zoom platform. In order for our young men to see greatness they have to know what it takes to step into greatness. So that’s why I shifted my coaching plans for 2021 from health and wellness to coaching our young men.

Also, on February 3rd my ministry Jay Vinson Ministries Inc. will be launching our new Broadcast Television Show worldwide entitled Stepping Into Greatness with Jay Vinson. It will be an inspirational television show which will feature several guests frequently as well as biblical teaching messages that will ignite your faith in God. It will be aired every Wednesday at 9am EST Live on Roku TV by Preach The Word Network TV.

What are your goals and ambitions for 2021?

My goals and ambitions for 2021 is to become the best youth transformational coach with our young men locally and globally by giving them the tools they need to get unlocked and become great at everything they want to do in life.

 Even with my broadcast television show I want to continue to utilize my platform but in a more global way to touch those individuals who may think about giving up on life due to the pandemic or personal things that may be battling alone.

How do you see the future of American Youth in upcoming years?

I see the future of American Youth in upcoming years prospering and taking our nation by storm, because a lot of american youth have more resources nowadays than I did when I was growing up. I am seeing more american youth at the age of 11 who are entrepreneurs/business owners, so the american youth is definitely trending in the right direction.

But, for those american youth who just don’t know what their long term purpose may be, I would say they need to first start with what exactly they love to do. After they figure that out then they will need to connect with individuals who have been where they are trying to go in life.

What is the most important moment for any Young Person in their life?

I would say just be true to who you are, and live out your true purpose on this earth every single day. Also, do not get caught up into comparing your life based on someone else with how they may live.  Another key element that every young person must learn is to enjoy their youth to the fullest every single day, because when they get older it will be some days that they may wish they were young again.

Also, I would say to any young person strategize and plan ahead with what you want to do in life. While you are doing that, continue to stay in school and graduate high school, and then continue living out your true purpose. Even if you want to be the first in your family by attending college and graduating from a four year university I highly recommend that you do that. But, whatever you want to do in life you can do it just continue to stay focused on your calling and purpose in life every single day.

How social media helped you gain popularity?

Social media has really played a huge factor in me gaining popularity during COVID. I’m usually more of a hands on person, but ever since COVID hit our nation in 2020 I began to use social media more than I ever had in the past. That’s when I began to connect with people not just locally where I reside and my hometown, but worldwide. I even connected with quite a bit of individuals through instagram who resides in Africa, Nigeria and the Bahamas. We have really built a solid friendship and have stayed in contact since the pandemic started.

Even with me being a business owner, youth life coach, author, empowerment speaker, and faith based leader I have really grown my tribe nationally. I would’ve never imagined that would have transpired years ago when I first began to use social media. I remember that God had given me a vision to start an Instagram podcast back during the spring when COVID had shifted my job to work remotely from home. But, I had no idea how I was going to do it until I called my best friend and told him about the vision  then we began to brainstorm together about ways of being creative. Until, we both agreed to  just talk about real life issues, spirituality, and current events as I was the host and he was the Co Host. Little  did I know just by hosting that podcast it would touch plenty of viewers’ lives who tuned in weekly. That’s when I began to fall in love and became more comfortable going live through the social media platforms.  It opened doors for me that I never thought were possible, and that’s when I began to connect with more influential people within my industry and niche. So, using social media is definitely a powerful tool to grow your business. 

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Key Performance Indicators to Check for Website Maintenance



If you’re looking for ways to improve your website performance, then you should consider checking out Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Whether your website is converting visitors or not, KPIs can help you determine whether your website needs maintenance or not. Novateus Listed below are the key performance indicators to monitor Conversion rate, Mean time to repair, First paint, and downtime. Read on to learn more about these metrics and how to use them to boost your business.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is one of the key performance indicators to monitor when maintaining your website. This measurement tells you how many visitors converted into buyers. It is calculated as a percentage by multiplying the number of conversions by the number of total website visitors. If your conversion rate is too high or too low, it may be time to change your marketing strategy. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your conversion rate.

The conversion rate is the most common KPI for a website. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a visitor makes a purchase. Instead, it could mean that they download an e-book or contribute to a cause. However, if your conversion rate is low, this could indicate friction in the checkout process. In either case, you should make changes. Once you’ve figured out what to change, your conversion rate will increase.

Mean Time to Repair

“Mean time to repair” refers to the average time needed to restore a system. Depending on the situation, this can be longer or shorter than the quoted response time. It is vital to clarify these metrics before signing a contract with a maintenance provider. Also known as the MTTR, this metric measures the average amount of time it takes to repair a website. To calculate the mean time, divide the number of incidents by the number of days the website was unavailable.

“Mean time to repair” is a valuable metric that can be used to identify a facility’s weaknesses and improve performance. When used effectively, this metric can help organizations increase their uptime and reduce costs. This metric can also be used to determine the optimal way to allocate limited resources to a given maintenance task. This metric is an important investment in improving application performance. Meantime to repair a website is a simple formula that can be applied to all websites and systems.


When choosing a KPI, it’s important to consider the criticality of the asset, the business objectives, and other factors. Some metrics are supported by research and others are based on trial and error. Whichever one you choose, choosing the right one can improve the planning and execution of your website maintenance activities. 

When choosing a KPI for website maintenance, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no one “right” answer. Some KPIs may be better suited to a certain industry than others. Additionally, some KPIs may be outdated or obsolete. However, choosing the right KPI will help you improve your website’s uptime and revenue. And it’s important to consider the type of assets you’re managing.

First Paint

Top software companies in Houston ensure that your website is performing as efficiently as possible, you should regularly check for indicators that indicate first paint. The first paint occurs when your current display changes, such as the background color or the fonts. The measure of this time enables you to identify the reasons why your page takes a while to render. While the main content of your page takes longer to render than its background color, the measure of First Paint focuses on the first content of the DOM.

Several ways to lower your FCP score are available. One way is by optimizing for Total Blocking Time and Largest Contentful Paint. Alternatively, you can optimize for other metrics and implement best development practices to improve your website’s performance. However, lowering your FCP score may be difficult without implementing an action plan. First, you should understand your target FCP score. This is because you should keep your website’s FCP time at around 1.8 seconds. In addition, you should know the FCP scores of your competitors. You can use field tools or lab tests to measure your performance.

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How to make your Packaging Unique for Cosmetic Items



lip gloss boxes

Women of today require perfection in all things. All of these cosmetic items require a protective and secure packaging box. Although, the cosmetic market requires the right packaging box. These lip gloss boxes should be stylish and spectacular so that the product sales get escalates. There are numerous brands that should cater to the specifications of their consumers. Almost every cosmetic company requires a packaging box. It is imperative to utilize these product boxes to escalate sales. Along with that, all these companies should add artistic and vibrant add-ons to mark the sales higher. You can present these products in a unique and excellent way. You can add a logo to escalate the sales. Moreover, give an intriguing look to mark the sales higher.

Customers should add a tagline, name, and all the important details to these boxes. However, companies can focus on the exciting words that can enhance the worth of their products. These boxes can also be availed of in distinctive shapes, shades, and styles. You can also add an alluring look by adding embellishments. You can add stickers of your choice to attain the attention of the consumers.  

Add a unique look

You can add an exciting look to your products with these packaging boxes. However, you can also utilize these creative and excellent designs to make these lip gloss boxes look pretty and beautiful. These boxes can aid you in becoming the most prominent brand in the market. Although, you can also find out different vibrant and bright shades that can aid in making your brand prominent. You can also invite new consumers towards your products just with these lovely custom lip gloss packaging boxes. You can also order them at economical and affordable rates.

Customized boxes

You can add embellishments to make your product look intricate and dazzling. These newly presented boxes can bring huge benefits. Also, these boxes can aid in standing out your products in the whole market. However, if you add a stunning look to your products, the sales will escalate to a greater level. A colorful and appealing box can make your product look dazzling. However, you can invite your consumers towards your brand. It is essential to personalize the packaging for lip gloss in an enchanting and alluring way. This is the only way to acquire success in the cosmetic market. Thus, place an order at the lowest and cheapest prices.

Different customization options

There are numerous brands in the market that can alter the outlook and boost sales. However, there are several packaging boxes that can be styled in a lovely way. You can also add designs that are perfect considering the choice of a consumer. You can also utilize different printing and packaging tools that can aid in grasping consumer attention. Along with that, you can add different add-ons that are intricate and perfect. You can utilize the latest printing ideas with different lovely finishing looks. You can prefer to give an amazing outer look to the packaging boxes. Moreover, try to add embellishments to add a fancier look to these packaging boxes. Thus, this will change the consumer purchasing decision.

Quality of the product

The packaging boxes must be manufactured of top-grade material as it holds a great impact on a consumer’s mind. However, it can also help in changing the perception of your brand. You can get top-quality lip gloss boxes that can be made of Kraft and Cardboard material. All of these brands should understand a high-quality packaging box is the only way to gain the consumers.  You can utilize this material to add an elegant look to the items. These boxes are durable and sturdy. Also, you can add embellishments to mark the sales higher in the market. If you want to become prominent and successful, then you should come up with different ideas for packaging. Although, these boxes can simply secure fragile and delicate items from spilling or dust.

Elegant and Vibrant designs:

As lip gloss or lip balm products add beauty to your lips, similarly, a packaging box adds beauty and grace to the product. However, customers don’t like to opt for dull and mundane boxes. Hence, they choose packaging boxes that are alluring and dazzling. You can add a graceful and sophisticated look to your products. Along with that, you can design these boxes with different packaging materials. You can add an intricate look to add a spectacular appearance.

Moreover, you can add a company name, and logo, and you can also automatically captivate them with vibrant and bright shades. Your display of the items has so much to do with sales. Your products must be displayed in a proper way. Also, personalize these boxes in an appealing way. Add lovely colors to add a sophisticated look to your items. Thus, this customization gives tough competition as it can promote the brand image.

Easy Storage Facility

If you want to store your cosmetics, then it is very crucial. It can also be broken and smashed. You can store these products in a great way. Along with that, you can provide these boxes with a secure and durable packaging box. However, you should facilitate your consumers in a unique way. Although, you can store them for a longer time. If you package these products in such boxes, then the sales are likely to increase. You can also avail of these boxes in different shapes, shades, styles, and designs. The packaging box of lip gloss must be spectacular and stunning. Thus, place an order at the cheapest rates.

Box Pricing

The main concern of every other business is to generate higher revenue by enhancing the sales of their lip gloss products. You can make an effort to make your product look more distinctive than others in the market. These lip gloss packaging boxes can be availed of in distinctive styles and shapes. If you want to lessen the price of packaging, you should order these boxes in a bulk quantity. Moreover, you can always opt for an economical company, the one that caters to all your packaging specifications. Your product can look beautiful and elegant in these custom lip gloss boxes. Thus, place your order now.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make your product look stunning and appealing, you can package them in custom Boxes with logo. These boxes aid in protecting fragile items. You can also transfer these items to far-off places without any worry and hassle. Moreover, you can also contact a proper packaging manufacturer.

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Tips For Home Made Candle Packaging Ideas For the Business



candle packaging

The candles have become an essential part of our everyday lives, as we all know. On the other hand, these candles are in trend nowadays and have become a fashion symbol. So, candles are available in all sorts of forms and textures so that you can gift them to your loved ones. The excellent packaging adds a plus point to the product display. Now, many people manufacture this product at home like a small-scale business. In this way, unique packaging ideas play an essential role in product promotion and positioning. The candles with excellent packaging are used as a gift on different occasions, bringing happiness. Moreover, you can order candle packaging boxes when you commence your handmade candle business. 

You can make your custom boxes as per your requirements. So, the packaging with the brand logos gives an attractive look to the end customers. Homemade candle packaging ideas help the product stand out in the market. On the other hand, many small-scale candle businesses go for premium, high-quality candle packaging to make a place in the market. So, the main focus is on the creativity and affordability of candle packaging boxes.

Importance of Candle Unique Packaging

The packaging is the primary tool to catch the customer’s attention, so the packaging must be visible and straightforward. In addition, the main goal of any business is to earn more profit, so you should focus on the box’s quality material and color selection. You can add unique finishes to your candle presentation to get more crowded. You need a clear message about your brand and product to do that. On the other hand, appealing design is an excellent way to display and promote the candles. Meanwhile, it would be best if you were specific about the packaging because this tool decides whether either buyer is interested in your product purchases or not. So, a great idea can turn your life whole.

As a candle producer, if you want to create a lasting impression in the customers’ minds, then try to be unique and different compared to the rivals. Always use quality material to protect the product from damage during shipment and storage. Therefore, you should not compromise on the product quality as well so it can prevent the candles from being damaged on the shelves. also

Home Made Candle Packaging Ideas

There are many kinds of unique candle boxes present in the marketplace. These boxes are in various shapes and sizes, and you can select them according to your candle’s layout. Some packages are for plain candles, and some are specially designed for scented candles. The containers should be of high quality to absorb scented essential oils. On the other hand, these boxes have a price range from tens to hundreds.

Moreover, many candle producers go for custom packaging because it is cheap, and you can design it according to your requirements. For example, homemade candles need quality, unique packaging to get a competitive edge and stand out in the market among the rivals. Some packaging ideas are given below:

Quality Cardboard For Candle Packaging 

The quality premium cardboard candle box is a composite packaging box. Therefore, thick cardboard is used in various shapes to wrap candles to display on the shelves in the stores. On the other hand, this packaging idea can add some colors to attract customers to your brand. So, this packaging idea is elementary and affordable. You need to make a box for the candles. Besides that, the most significant advantage of this packaging idea is that you can produce these boxes in various layouts according to the shape of the candles.

Corrugated Candle Packaging

If you talk about homemade candles, this corrugated candle box is the best choice for economical packaging. On the other hand, the corrugated cardboard gives a premium look to the candles. Generally, corrugated boxes provide a premium look to the candles and attract customers. In addition, these candle packaging boxes have good strength and shock resistance. If you are concerned about the budget, the price is meager in box making. Therefore, this classy packaging idea is adequate for homemade candle packaging because you need a low budget. So, it is a good candle packaging solution.

 Subscription Candle Packaging

The candle subscription box uses to present as a gift box with the candles inside. Moreover, these boxes are of high quality and excellent for packaging purposes. This packaging gives a premium look to the candles and appeals to the customers also. In addition, It usually contains scented candles and plays a vital role in product purchasing.

Kraft Paperboard Candle Packaging

This packaging is eco-friendly and affordable for small businesses. The quality material enhances the candle look. On the other hand, it defines your image as a producer committed to environmental sustainability and natural products. Moreover, it can also be a fantastic choice to give your homemade candles a vintage look. So, this simple packaging is very light and adds a plus point in candle delivery.

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