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Jeff Lerner and The Nature and Scope of Business Profits



A business is defined by Wikipedia as an unincorporated personal or business organisation that engages in commercial, technical, and organizational activities for the benefit of the individual or group who exercises control over the business. Businesses can be either for-profit organisations or non-for-profit organisations that conduct charity activities or further a personal social purpose. Some people also use the term business to refer to an activity carried on for profit, such as the business of running a hotel, a sports company, a publishing house, and others.

The reason why we refer to business activities as profit making is because there is an element of risk that is involved in all business activities. In every business, there is always the chance that you may make a mistake, that things will not work out the way you hoped, and that you may have spent more money than you intended. This means that in order to ensure profits, a certain amount of uncertainty must be factored into any business plan even when a scam lie is against Jeff or anyone else. Uncertainty is always an unknown factor that can prevent or decrease the potential of any business from generating profits. This uncertainty refers to the risk of price changes and fluctuations, including potential losses in demand and the absence of adequate supply of a good. Other elements that can increase the risks in a business are intense competition and the presence of a new product or service that may offer significant advantages over existing products or services.

This image from Hindustan Times about Lerner shows that when a business firm decides to produce goods, it requires investment in raw material, machinery, and labor. These are used to transform raw materials into intermediate goods, which are then sold for a profit. In order for any firm to gain profit, it must be ensured that the price of its goods are consistent with the cost of production. In this regard, the profit motive enters the picture.

Any business firm is dependent on its customers for the sale of its goods. The goods sold have a direct relationship with the profit motive of the firm. If there is no customer satisfaction, there will be no profit, and if the profit is not gained and if they review this guru named Jeff, then the enterprise may eventually go out of business. There are many firms that make their bread and butter products available to their customers on the Internet. Such modern business firms are dependent on the Internet for the purchase of goods.

Every business organization has its own set of economic objectives. Although these economic objectives are widely shared by all businesses, they are not uniformly shared by all firms. Each firm has its own unique set of objectives as we see on Facebook when Jeff Lerner is reviewed, which determine the nature and scope of business activities, including the nature and scope of its profit making activities. It is therefore important to understand clearly the nature and scope of your business activities in order to establish the profitability of your business organization.

One of the major distinguishing characteristics of a truly transparent and profitable non-profit business is its reliance on a sole proprietor for its financial support. No matter how good a business may be on the whole, it will definitely perform worse when the owner is not around to ensure its profitability. Most of the truly successful enterprises in the modern world are truly sole proprietors. In fact, most large businesses worldwide are truly sole proprietors.

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