Digital Transformation is fundamentally altering how customers interact with brands and businesses. Teams like the Detroit Lions use AI to monitor fan behavior and tailor in-stadium experiences accordingly. Other companies, such as Netflix and Amazon, similarly leverage AI to personalize user experiences and recommendations within their platforms. Jeff Roberts, founder and CEO of Innovation Vista, specializes in helping companies integrate AI solutions.

With over 25 years of IT leadership experience, Jeff is a 5-time CIO, a former finalist for Enterprise CIO of the Year, and a recognized leader in IT transformation. Since founding Innovation Vista in 2019, Jeff has guided numerous companies through successful digital transformations and IT department turnarounds. His expertise has been featured in television interviews, podcasts, and numerous magazine articles.

Three Tips for Running Tailored and Personalized Ads Using AI

Pulling from his vast experience, Jeff shares here how businesses can easily use AI to run tailored and personalized advertising campaigns to drive business growth and expand reach.

1.⁠ ⁠Preselling Content

One of the most innovative ways to leverage AI in advertising is through preselling content. By using market research and data, businesses can create presell campaigns to gauge interest before launching a product. Jeff explains, “You can offer a discount for potential customers to pre-buy something you don’t already have. This allows you to test market demand, gather valuable data, and generate cash flow before investing in product development.”

Jeff elaborates on the potential of this approach in various industries: “In the entertainment space, for instance, people might prepay for a movie ticket if offered at a discounted rate before the film is made. This can open up new opportunities for funding and market validation.”

2.⁠ ⁠Personalized Outgoing Marketing Material

Creating content that is specific to a recipient’s role, company size, and career status can significantly enhance engagement. AI can help businesses achieve this at scale. Jeff notes, “We are conditioned to think of advertising as broadcast, where everyone sees the same ad. But now, AI allows us to create incredible value for the prospect by sending tailored ads.”

Personalized marketing content has been proven to perform well and contribute to increased profitability. Jeff adds, “Imagine receiving a customized newsletter that feels like someone spent hours curating content specifically for you. This goes beyond generic newsletters, offering advanced ideas and trends relevant to the recipient’s industry and career stage.”

3.⁠ ⁠Enhancing Customer Experience

AI can also improve customer experiences by being responsive to individual preferences and behaviors. For example, Jeff suggests using proximity detection and camera analytics to personalize in-store experiences: “If a customer lingers in front of a certain section, you can ping their phone with a discount for those items.”

He further explores the integration of digital behaviors into the physical world, such as using license plate readers in fast food drive-thrus to offer personalized discounts based on previous purchases. “Every fast food lane in the world could adopt this technology. Imagine getting a personalized offer based on your purchase history and upcoming holidays or special occasions,” says Jeff.


AI offers powerful tools for running tailored and personalized advertising campaigns. By preselling content, personalizing outgoing marketing materials, and enhancing customer experiences, businesses can significantly improve engagement and customer satisfaction. As Jeff Roberts and Innovation Vista demonstrate, integrating AI into your advertising strategy can provide a competitive edge in digital marketing.

About Innovation Vista

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