With a staggering $50 million in real estate transactions, Jessica Myers’ journey from a hotel owner to a developer reflects her tenacity and commitment to bettering herself and developing communities surrounding the world. As she continues to grow, she is less focused on real estate success and more on sharing the strategies and mindsets that have given her continued success. Her first book, “Real Estate Mastery,” shares her journey and her strategies for finding success in the real estate industry. She is now releasing a new book, the 90-Day Gratitude Journal with an emphasis on practicing gratitude and developing a proper abundance mindset. 

A Change Dealer

Jessica Myers: Releasing Her 90-Day Gratitude Journal, The Perfect Journal For High-Performers and Entrepreneurs
Jessica Myers, Author of Jessica Myers’ 90-Day Gratitude Journal

“Whether it’s sealing a pivotal real estate deal or empowering personal growth, I’m committed to helping each individual I work with to realize their potential and bring their dreams to life.”

Myers specializes in real estate and personal development. She challenges her clients to break free from complacency and adopt transformative habits that turn their aspirations into tangible successes. Her approach is deeply rooted in empowering individuals to realize their potential, be it in clinching a pivotal real estate deal or embarking on a path of personal growth.

The 90-Day Gratitude Journal

Jessica Myers: Releasing Her 90-Day Gratitude Journal, The Perfect Journal For High-Performers and Entrepreneurs
Copies of Jessica Myers’ 90-Day Gratitude Journal

“Designed specifically for high achievers, it’s not just about listing things you’re grateful for; it’s a strategic tool to declutter the noise that often surrounds success-driven individuals.”


Journals are great tools for practicing gratitude and collecting your thoughts. Myers 90-Day Gratitude Journal takes this to the next level. Unlike any ordinary journal, it’s designed for high achievers who seek to declutter their success journey and identify core happiness drivers. It’s a strategic tool promoting consistency, clarity, and daily introspection, paving the way for a unique blueprint of personal and professional fulfillment.

She co-authored the book with Carl Wright, CEO of C&C Wright Investments, LLC and a self-published author. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, he grew up in Decatur, Georgia. Carl has had a passion for the arts since the age of seven when one of his drawings was published in Sesame Street Magazine in 1986.

He combined his love of writing and mental health advocacy to establish “Carl Is Always Wrighting ‘Your Literary Source'”. Through this brand, he authors customized literary works such as popular 90-day gratitude journals. Carl infuses creativity, persistence and networking into each unique journal he pens.

For those looking to follow or connect with Jessica Myers, she can be reached on Instagram @itsJessicaMyers, through her websites www.transformin90.com and www.itsjessicamyers.com.