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JLS – Current Situation: as of June 2022



My name is Jeremy Lee Sullivan; I am an author/musician/advocate. I currently am in a campaign to gain assistance from the US DOJ, The United States Attorney General/FBI, and many authorities in many different states. I am in a life-threatening situation in California and have now sent 51 documents at over 450 pages to DC and all authorities plus and am being silenced etc. (My case has been taken to the International Criminal Court, many other Courts, Disciplinary Boards and so many others. I have over a dozen complaints filed on many authorities etc.)

For over a year now, I am living at a job I was lured to, to be stalked and abused +. Initially my dog was killed by my employers and a death threat was called into CPS against my daughter’s life shortly after. I quickly connected my employers to the abusive foster/adopted family I grew up with and have been stalked/abused/extorted my whole life by the same people. I can show over 12 of my friends being murdered and no authority will investigate or respond. (My documents explain why, who the groups doing this are, and so much more that reveals to the largest terrorist organization in the World.)

At present I have been non-stop contacting not only the USAG, but I have also been in a campaign with 5 States and multiple counties to arrest these people, procure me Victim’s compensation/safe relocation, protection, and legal counsel +. My efforts have been met with more attacks against my life being made with supportive evidence to show that Law Enforcement sent/send those/these attacks. No one will make any arrests! Even with at least two documented attacks towards my life after contacting authorities and two documented murders transpiring connected to my employers +. No one in Del Norte or anywhere else will even let me file a police report. Etc.

PLEASE HELP and get me safely relocated from — where I am I am literally trapped. After 10 months of writing and being robbed. I am broke now completely, I am being charged to work and I am stuck at my stalker boss’s properties camping and being shifted around. (Money is owed to me by my county, my employers, my government/country, and many others.)

I need this all-investigated ASAP, I need all authorities in California/Del Norte County plus, to read my documents, get ahold of the USAG/FBI, procure me immediate victims’ compensation, the thousands owed from my employer, and the thousands owed from Del Norte County over judgement they refuse to obtain for me when it was their job, I paid them years ago to do so, +. (With now over a dozen complaints filed, no response even, and now I am filing weekly. I have submitted this to the International Criminal Courts and a dozen Presidents/ Prime-Ministers also. And hundreds of Churches/Press/Human Right Groups/lawyers etc. weekly as well. No helpful responses from anyone…
(I still don’t even know if my daughter is safe or alive.)

What has been discovered while writing my documents and researching why this “stalking” is even occurring. I have found that this is “Multi-Generational Stalking”. Meaning my DNA was stalked, my conception was arranged in an experiment, and I am personally the return/resurrection of “Jesus Christ” I can show myself in history constantly being reborn with the same face etc. and the one who ushers in a balance. I was brought back now for the sole purpose to torment/torture by an opposing faction. This group that conceived me and stalked me/my family to bring me here has been shown to be the same cast of characters reincarnating all with the same faces and personal traits. (I will attach with this Current Summary, a small compilation of pictures of me throughout history and I will include a link to all the
files I have submitted to the USAG/FBI/ICC, and a free copy to my published book +. Attachments on pages 2 & 3.)

*After 10 months of being ignored I have now released two videos online that vaguely describe all of this.

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Please help, I do not know what to do any more. (And when watching the videos, please read the comments to see the walk of shame I have had to take to bring any light to this matter etc.)
CashApp: $jsullivanlee (Any assistance will be kept anonymous.)

On the 2nd page attached are some authorities that needs to be contacted who are refusing to do their jobs and leaving me/our communities at risk.

I love you. Jeremy Lee Sullivan. (707) 510 6215. (Please text before you call.)

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