Get To Know Johnny

JCG also widely known as Johnny Cool is an on-air-personality (OAP) from Air Unlimited Radio. Johnny alongside his long time friend Zach (The G from Harlem) ply their trade in Chicago where they help play the best combination of Hip-Hop and RnB. In addition, they also get independent artists on the radio for free!

Making Waves

So far Johnny has achieved a lot in his career, some of his achievements include; a number of interviews with upcoming talent, the building of connections with the biggest across various mainstream media (Broadcasters, YouTubers, and social media marketers and Influencers.

Upcoming Career Additions

In the future, Johnny plans on adding some new elements to his brand such as independent websites for their content through a subscription service that will grant access ranging from metered to unlimited access to Vlogs, Gaming Content, Interviews, IG Live, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Reacts, Pranks and content that won’t be available on YouTube all depending on subscription plans. Apart from this, he is also creating awesome merch for his brand’s audience.


You can contact Johnny Cool via any of the following channels: — for all platforms! — For IG.