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Johnny Cool #1 Radio Personality of 2020



Get To Know Johnny

JCG also widely known as Johnny Cool is an on-air-personality (OAP) from Air Unlimited Radio. Johnny alongside his long time friend Zach (The G from Harlem) ply their trade in Chicago where they help play the best combination of Hip-Hop and RnB. In addition, they also get independent artists on the radio for free!

Making Waves

So far Johnny has achieved a lot in his career, some of his achievements include; a number of interviews with upcoming talent, the building of connections with the biggest across various mainstream media (Broadcasters, YouTubers, and social media marketers and Influencers.

Upcoming Career Additions

In the future, Johnny plans on adding some new elements to his brand such as independent websites for their content through a subscription service that will grant access ranging from metered to unlimited access to Vlogs, Gaming Content, Interviews, IG Live, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Reacts, Pranks and content that won’t be available on YouTube all depending on subscription plans. Apart from this, he is also creating awesome merch for his brand’s audience.


You can contact Johnny Cool via any of the following channels: — for all platforms! — For IG.

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DJ JSO: Is Going To Be A Pivotal Individual When It Comes To Breaking Artists



 DJ JSO is a natural-born producer, on-air mixer, and publicist from Philadelphia, PA. He is the ultimate musical jack of all trades. Within his many talents, he has been very successful with growing his show on the radio station WPPM 106.5 FM. His segment is called The Mic 106.5 FM. The station was created to educate listeners on Hip-Hop subject matter, culture, and the catalyst involved within its evolution over the decades. The show consists of a 2-hour segment dedicated to playing independent artist’s music and new artists looking to be heard. The station is very supportive of new talent. Official playlists were even created to help artists generate more streams on their content. He has had the honor of promoting a ton of talented artists within the industry.

Since his recent success of gaining another hour to his show, his more recent goal is to keep growing. DJ JSO would like to start closing and securing deals with labels to give his clients more backing to support with production and distribution of indie projects. Marketing is also a major priority on his list. Growth opportunities lead to more success in giving his clients a wider range of audiences. The company goal is to develop a superstar artist of their own and have the artist represent the brand. “The Mic Radio & Media” will be breaking artists into the industry. DJ JSO has learned to have strong faith, belief. Consistency, and good character to keep him balanced when pursuing his dreams. No Doubt that his company’s brand will be known by all very soon.

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DigitalRadioTracker Eases Broadcast Monitoring Worldwide



Digital Radio Tracker

In the today’s world information is not an option; it is a necessity. Can you imagine this world without the internet? Think about the time when things were hand-written on paper. Do you want to live in a society without computers? No one wants to live in a world that does not have technology because it is a huge part of our everyday life. It is our permanent fixture. If you want to be on the top of the leaderboard, you need to follow modern technology. No doubt, it has revolutionized the world!

We live in a world where we enjoy the use of modern devices in our businesses and daily lives. For new and developing artist the goal is to identify where the best opportunities are for their career. Today’s music market is overcrowded and artists who are looking for ways to expand their career must find an advantage to separate themselves from the rest. One of the best ways to do that is through radio airplay. DigitalRadioTracker, also known as DRT, is one of the best platforms that offers radio airplay tracking.

Why you need to track radio airplay?

Radio airplay has always been the deciding factor in determining a song’s hit potential. DRT’s airplay tracking data analytics provides invaluable insight into which territories an artist should market their brand and products.

Despite all the excitement and attention around streaming platforms, radio is still the leader in how new music is discovered. Traditional radio airplay still reaches more than 92% of Americans each week making it essential to an artist overall success and widespread demand.

What does DigitalRadioTracker do?

DRT offers a FREE searchable artist/song/broadcaster database for all account holders. DRT currently tracks over 45 million song titles in over 125 countries. This amazing platform offers users the ability to search for an artist or song title that is receiving airplay for the previous or current week. You can also search the database for a particular broadcaster in which DRT is monitoring.

DRT has built a proprietary system that tracks over 5000 radio stations around the globe. These stations (major to independent) are comprised of an array of FM Terrestrial, Satellite and College as well as thousands of digital streaming radio stations. This data is then compiled in which DRT Reports and Charts are generated. DRT does not require any special encoding or fingerprinting to begin tracking your song’s airplay. Unlike other monitoring sources, DRT is also able to track multiple versions of a song without merging it into one report. A DRT Comprehensive Report separates all the versions of a song and displays the exact time of day a song was played.

How to get it?

DRT has created a user-friendly web portal for quick access and it provides several benefits to all its users. Simply register on their website for a FREE DRT Account. For more information about this valuable airplay monitoring platform, click on the following links.

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