Media has always played a relevant role in influencing real life. For instance, some societies replicate the fashion ideas they get from watching movies or looking at celebrities. One of the most dynamic effects of media is training the spotlight on communities to highlight their culture on a global and widespread platform. 

Nowadays, numerous talents from different ethnicities are leaving a mark on the world as they use their talent to bring the audience’s eyes to their respective countries. Over recent years, Asians and Asian Americans have taken big and small screens by storm. And Johnny La, an actor-entrepreneur from San Jose, California, hopes to continue opening opportunities for others in the communities who wish to make it in the entertainment industry.  

Providing The Stepping Stone And Platform 

During the early years of the 2000s, Johnny saw how rare it was to see Asian Americans on television or in film. However, he knew it would all shift and maintained high hopes that audiences would see more Asian faces on-screen. 

He spent years training to become an actor and wanted to represent the Asian-American community on screen. It came true when Johnny moved to Los Angeles, having appeared in numerous commercials and television shows.

He built a passion for acting in college and formed a production company in the mid-2000s. 

In 2008, he released the first episode of Gunn, an action-packed detective story where Johnny plays the lead role of Michael Gunn. 

“We produced three episodes of Gunn, gaining vast amounts of experience and providing roles for Asian-Americans at a time when roles were limited. I decided to pursue my dreams of moving to Los Angeles in 2014, and from there, built my acting career after being signed by Tangerine Talent and A.D.S. Management,” Johnny said. 

Besides pursuing acting, Johnny also began a series of entrepreneurial ventures, including a photography business in 2017 and a digital marketing agency in 2022. He also recently obtained his real estate license and signed with The Collective. 

Admitting To The Challenges

Despite the success and change he and other Asian Americans enjoy today, it came at a relevant sacrifice—especially for Johnny. 

“The most challenging part was getting support from the people closest to me. But remember that this was also during the early 2000s, so it was unheard of for Asians to be leads or on-screen in entertainment at the time,” he said. 

He recalled that he wanted to give up several times and return to a regular job. But he kept pushing despite feeling such discouragement. It all paid off when his friends and family saw the work he accomplished and understood his goals. 

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