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Joty Kay Uncut and Unstoppable



Girls born in Black, Latino, or Indian families come to life with an already determined list of expectations. They are supposed to act a certain way, have certain beliefs, and live by a certain set of rules. The male generations before them established this way of living, and they are supposed to respect it and not “rebel” against them under any circumstances. However, the younger generations of women born into these types of families have started to change the way in which they are expected to live their life.

All those female-empowering marches, signs that say “Girls want to have fundamental rights,” began at the core of traditional families. Women who did not fit in one box, who went beyond the limits of their family lives, and who wanted more than what was already destined for them. They are the ones who took a step out into the world and started shining on their own, without parental supervision, without crazy expectations, without predetermined rules. Some of them followed their dreams into the college career they wanted. Others moved to different states and started a career that led them to have over 72.7K Instagram followers. Joty Kay belongs to the latter.

Breaking Away From Your Traditional Indian Family

Joty Kay was born into an Indian family in America who had rules and expectations for her to abide by. From the very beginning, she felt like she did not belong, like an outcast in her family and her neighborhood. Although they moved around a lot, she could never fit in, and it got particularly harder when they moved into a heavily Indian-influenced town. Kay felt lost and alone.

Her situation worsened when her dad got tangled up with drugs. Addiction was not commonly discussed in her community, so she felt even more lost than before. The good relationship she once had with her father had completely changed. Joty knew it was time for her to get away from such a toxic and harmful environment. That was when she packed her bags and moved to the city of stars, the city where everything is possible: Los Angeles.

 Uncut and Unstoppable

Moving to Los Angeles is like most movies show it: a struggle at first, but magical in the end. When she first arrived, Joty Kay was couch hopping among her friends, trying to find roommates, and figuring out the way to land on her feet. But that did not stop her from continuing to dream about the life she wanted to have. She started out as a Viner with videos holding views of up to 100 million, then found herself fighting to create a life of success for herself.

As she started building her Californian life, those who knew her told her she should have her own podcast because of her funny and opinionated personality. Although she immediately bought a microphone, it took her a while to get around to that project. Lucky for her now loyal listeners, she inevitably found herself recording her own podcast, sharing her thoughts, and making the audience laugh.

That is how Joty Kay: Uncut came to life. She decided to create a platform where her followers and those who came across her would get the raw, uncut, and unfiltered version of an Indian-American woman creating life on her own. The purpose of this podcast, according to Kay, is for “young girls to look up to me and see that it’s okay if you aren’t perfect, as long as you own that shit! Own who you are and you’ll never have to worry about what anyone says to you or about you ever again. Once I stopped seeking validation from others, there was no turning back.” And just like that, she became unstoppable.

Create Your Own Life

Many girls grow up wanting to escape the life they were born into. Trying to break the glass ceiling and go beyond the limits of their family traditions. Joty Kay is the perfect example of how this can be accomplished. She walked away when it was time and created a life of her own. This podcast host moved to the city of angels, slept on different couches, bought a microphone, and started sharing her opinion with strangers online. Her podcast is now loved by her audience, and she is an inspiration to girls everywhere who are seeking their freedom. Kay is the kind of woman who fought for her fundamental rights while also having fun.

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Women Leaders

Anny living life in color!



Anny started her business and talent in her living room at home. She started off small and then grew immensely. Went from adding beauty in a small quaint space to traveling the world and leaving colorful prints along the way. Quesada’s life is far from dull and painted in black and white, she lives life in color. This far from boring artist has a great goal and that is to help everyone feel beautiful inside and out. 

She loves to travel and while she’s traveling she likes taking some time from her talent to learn different cultures and tasting different kinds of food. She has colored hair in and travelled to Dubai, France and Costa Rica. She is a sponsored artist and is sponsored by Keracolor. 

This ambitious artist has accomplished quite a lot. Anny has been nominated in the top 100 for behind the chair one shot awards, she has opened up her own private studio and was able to work with other people around the globe. Anny Quesada is not stopping there. Her goal for the upcoming year consists of helping children and young teens in rural areas in different countries with not only helping their self esteem but also providing them with a positive outlet to express themselves while having fun and being creative. She is hoping to travel to more new places and hoping to help someone along the way. 

Keep your eyes open for Anny, she might just appear in your city, state or country. Also keep up with her on social media to never miss her next move or to just check out her works.

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Women Leaders

Get To Know The Entrepreneur And Model Kimmora Marose



Kimmora Marose official image in hd 2021


Name:  Kimmora Marose 

Age: 29

Where are you from : 

Born in Trenton New Jersey 

Interview With Kimmora Marose

What got you into modeling:

 I was at a photo shoot with an old friend and he was shooting for his mixtape cover . 

And the photographer asked me do I model , 

I responded No but I didn’t get serious until 2012 when I was asked to shoot for Ms.Page 6 in the Trentonian . And from that I was featured in Stardom 101 Magazine and more .

Any Upcoming Projects As A Model?

I was just featured on a Podcast called W.O.M.B. 

What’s on my Brain it was a different experience but I enjoyed it . Besides that my projects right now are magazine features and I want to start Hosting Parties like I use to do long time ago.

 I was just featured in a few magazines online.  

My main goal is to win and network branch out brand myself . I just want to start living it’s definitely life off of social media people have to understand that.  

What are the challenges you had to take in your career:

The challenges that I had to take really mainly back in the day was dealing with fake people fake managers of fake friends just a lot of fake stuff versus now what I’m dealing with is me being a mother a single mother at that end I can’t take my son everywhere so sometimes a lot of things and opportunities will go on hold or I will just have to not be able to go because at the end of the day I’m a mother first. Money isnt an issue and sometimes it’s transportation But if I really wanna go somewhere I’m a get there

Any Advice You would Give to somebody chasing their dreams : 

My best advice for anybody that’s trying to make it !  is to grind hard brand your self promote yourself go all IN like Lil baby said. Even if you think that you can’t do it just go for it chase your dreams ! regardless who don’t like you regardless who likes you just go for it do what you Gotta do you will always have haters that means you’re doing something right step on the NECK

 show them the potential that you have at the end of the day show them that they will always remember your name and that’s why I always say remember the name because you’re gonna remember my name.

The Word Success what does it mean to you :

Success means to me basically accomplishing all the goals that you wanted to achieve. The dreams that you dream of is being accomplished. You’re making money doing something you love doing not something that you have to do not something that you’re forced to do but something that you love doing. Waking up looking at your bank account high credit score from a low one you had years back looking at your kids grow up

That dream house that you prayed and  worked hard for.  Looking back saying everything that you said you wanted you got you successfully succeeded. With prayer and works 

To wrap things up Are you working on Anything Special:

Yes currently working on my business at Model Minkz it’s @modelminkztbc on Instagram. Besides that I’m open and ready for any opportunity that God opens for me. 

How People Can Connect With You On Social Media?

Instagram: @iheardshewasamodel

Twitter: @bougieAssmodel

Tik Tok : @iheardshewasamodel 

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Women Leaders

The Legendary Rappers Who Influenced Sammie B to Become the Artist She is Today



Famous for her tagline “Brliing” and how she fearlessly shares her story of battling her demons while radiating hope and positive energy, Sammie B is an artist from Cornwall, New York who can rap, sing, write, produce, paint, design, and create. 

Samantha Brooke Birmelin (Sammie B’s real name) already started rapping and writing poetry at an early age. As she grew older, she was certain that her destiny was to become an artist and musician. 

Her interest in rapping was fostered by some notable personalities in the business, namely, 2Pac, Missy Elliott, and Kid Cudi. 

“They really have impacted me, my music, and my path in many ways. I was a poet before anything else so 2Pac is the artist I connected with the most. “Changes” by 2Pac is one of my favorite songs. I’ve always felt his spirit and passion connected with mine,” Sammie B said. 

Meanwhile, Missy Elliott, the funky fresh hip-hop artist who changed the game for all female artists, helped Sammie B in staying true to herself as she progresses in her rapping career. 

“I saw myself in Missy Elliott when I was younger, as she was authentic and not trying to sell sex. I loved how she feels herself in such a unique and authentic way,” she said. 

Lastly, Kid Cudi serves as a huge inspiration to the artist from Cornwall since he was able to completely express his deepest emotions through music, something Sammie B did after going through the loss of her father, a relationship heartbreak, and battling with addiction. 

“He made me realize my purpose is to save the lives of many through my genuine and raw music because he saved mine along with countless others,” she said. 

Expressing Herself Through Music 

With everything that she’s been through, Sammie B has learned to turn her pain into passion and use music to get her message of love and positivity across. 

“People need to know who I am and what I’m about because it’s bigger than the music- it’s bigger than me. I want to make the world a better place through all of my creations,” Sammie B said. 

She added that she wants everyone to know that it’s okay to go struggle; it’s okay to be hurt and in pain, and that they can come out of it sooner or later. 

“My goal is to inspire many and be the hope shot they need. My music and art display me, Sammie B, in totality,” she said. 

An Artist to Look Out For 

With her music surpassing 25,000 streams from 19 different countries across the globe, Sammie B is keen on keeping the ball rolling for her career as she works on various projects, one of which is a three-part project called “The Joy is in the Journey.” 

“I released my five-song “The Joy Is” EP September 2020 and the second part five-song “In The Journey” EP January 2021, Sammie B. said. 

Throughout the entire project, Sammie B will be performing live and give out merchandise and packages to her supporters. She will also be releasing two music videos, one from each EP. 

“Once I am done with that, I will transition into releasing more singles with visuals the rest of the year and I will continue performing live virtually and hopefully in person as well,” she shared. 
Get to know more about Sammie B via her Instagram account (@SammieBizzle) or visit her website at


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