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Joty Kay Uncut and Unstoppable



Girls born in Black, Latino, or Indian families come to life with an already determined list of expectations. They are supposed to act a certain way, have certain beliefs, and live by a certain set of rules. The male generations before them established this way of living, and they are supposed to respect it and not “rebel” against them under any circumstances. However, the younger generations of women born into these types of families have started to change the way in which they are expected to live their life.

All those female-empowering marches, signs that say “Girls want to have fundamental rights,” began at the core of traditional families. Women who did not fit in one box, who went beyond the limits of their family lives, and who wanted more than what was already destined for them. They are the ones who took a step out into the world and started shining on their own, without parental supervision, without crazy expectations, without predetermined rules. Some of them followed their dreams into the college career they wanted. Others moved to different states and started a career that led them to have over 72.7K Instagram followers. Joty Kay belongs to the latter.

Breaking Away From Your Traditional Indian Family

Joty Kay was born into an Indian family in America who had rules and expectations for her to abide by. From the very beginning, she felt like she did not belong, like an outcast in her family and her neighborhood. Although they moved around a lot, she could never fit in, and it got particularly harder when they moved into a heavily Indian-influenced town. Kay felt lost and alone.

Her situation worsened when her dad got tangled up with drugs. Addiction was not commonly discussed in her community, so she felt even more lost than before. The good relationship she once had with her father had completely changed. Joty knew it was time for her to get away from such a toxic and harmful environment. That was when she packed her bags and moved to the city of stars, the city where everything is possible: Los Angeles.

 Uncut and Unstoppable

Moving to Los Angeles is like most movies show it: a struggle at first, but magical in the end. When she first arrived, Joty Kay was couch hopping among her friends, trying to find roommates, and figuring out the way to land on her feet. But that did not stop her from continuing to dream about the life she wanted to have. She started out as a Viner with videos holding views of up to 100 million, then found herself fighting to create a life of success for herself.

As she started building her Californian life, those who knew her told her she should have her own podcast because of her funny and opinionated personality. Although she immediately bought a microphone, it took her a while to get around to that project. Lucky for her now loyal listeners, she inevitably found herself recording her own podcast, sharing her thoughts, and making the audience laugh.

That is how Joty Kay: Uncut came to life. She decided to create a platform where her followers and those who came across her would get the raw, uncut, and unfiltered version of an Indian-American woman creating life on her own. The purpose of this podcast, according to Kay, is for “young girls to look up to me and see that it’s okay if you aren’t perfect, as long as you own that shit! Own who you are and you’ll never have to worry about what anyone says to you or about you ever again. Once I stopped seeking validation from others, there was no turning back.” And just like that, she became unstoppable.

Create Your Own Life

Many girls grow up wanting to escape the life they were born into. Trying to break the glass ceiling and go beyond the limits of their family traditions. Joty Kay is the perfect example of how this can be accomplished. She walked away when it was time and created a life of her own. This podcast host moved to the city of angels, slept on different couches, bought a microphone, and started sharing her opinion with strangers online. Her podcast is now loved by her audience, and she is an inspiration to girls everywhere who are seeking their freedom. Kay is the kind of woman who fought for her fundamental rights while also having fun.

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