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Julius “KoviNo” Caldwell



Introduction of the artist:

                The birth name of emerging American rapper ‘KoviNo’ is Julius Ryan Caldwell but he is popularly and professionally known as KoviNo among his fans. He was born on October 30, 1993 at San Diego, California. Currently, he is stationed in El Paso, Texas. He has appeared on the horizon of American rap music as an independent artist (indie). Additionally, he is also an experienced song writer and audio engineer.

Life Struggles of KoviNo:

                KoviNo was raised by his single mother and grandmother along with his 2 younger siblings. KoviNo and his family had to go through a lot of hardships. Life truly hit them when his grandmother passed away in 2015, a year after he had already left his college where he was studying sound engineering, due to the financial hardships. Now he had to manage two jobs simultaneously in order sustain himself and his family. Life went on and he was recruited in Army in 2016. There he worked for 3 years but he had to leave it 3 years later on medical grounds. It was these hardships which carved an strong person out of KoviNo.

Journey of KoviNo towards becoming a musician:

KoviNo is an experienced and professional creative artist who started producing creatively when he was only 10. He started by writing poetry. He was around 13 when he developed interest in hip-hop. The phase between 2009 – 2013 is considered as the beginning of his professional career. During this time, he released a catalog of unheard music to selected audience. Later on he went to a college in San Diego where he took music engineer. Due to financial constraints he had to leave the college and work for earning livelihood fort himself and his family. During the time he was in army (2016-2019), he did not abandon his craze for music and kept up with it. He also built an studio in his barrack where he used to do music during his free hours.

An overview of the music of KoviNo:

                KoviNo is a musician whose music is backed by years of practice of doing music and a firm knowledge of sound engineering. He formally launched himself into the music industry in 2020. His launch as a rap musician was supported by his wife Peiamusa Alexander-Robinson who was already in music business. Since 2021,he has released an EP named ‘Afterlife’ and 9 singles namely Squares, SkyHigh, You Can’t Stay, VVS, Changes, Better Days, Darker Days, 30 in Racks and Check. His music has received significantly encouraging response from the fans and followers.