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K.O from the Pilla drops his latest mixtape “PILLA” 



Starting with the artwork K.O says that the cover to PILLA is made up of pictures of his friends, even some family members such as his two brothers and nephew, and just guys from his city Highland Park Michigan that has passed away or is either locked up in jail. He stated, “I just wanted to show their faces to the world and make sure the world got to see the faces of these guys because they are no longer here or locked up so they can’t do it for themselves. I just wanted to give everyone a look at where I come from and what I represent.” As someone who carries the torch for those who are locked up or for those who are incapable of carrying on dreams, it is definitely a heavy load to bear. 

Pilla is K.O’s third mixtape featuring songs like “Sumthin Light” “Pilla Talk” & “The Dynasty” that took his music career to another level last year. “PILLA” has 14 songs on it that are all fire. With this mixtape I really went with more of the Detroit sound) says K.O… With this mixtape he represents the real Detroit sound with a versatile flow, ranging from R&B infused “Like I Can” to “Hunnit Shots,” featuring raw lyrics, “One shot get the mummy face.”

Pilla is the city where I’m from Highland park Michigan. Some call it HP, Some call it H. Pilla or some just call it “The Pilla.” It’s also part of my name. Hp is a city right in the middle of and surrounded by Detroit. This was really the site where the first Ford plant was built, as well as the original home of Chrysler’s headquarters when it was first built. The place wasn’t Detroit, it was Highland Park. 

He commented, “There was only one goal for me with this mixtape, and that was to keep putting on for my city, and to show people who I am as an artist. I’m set to release my mixtape on February 3rd, so make sure you keep an eye out for it, show love to it, and support it in every way you can.” Also support and show love to my clothing line (Bless Up clothing). You can following check out K.O by visiting his instagram @kofromthepilla.

Don’t forget to stream and download his new mixtape “PILLA” found on Spotify and other platforms.

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