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Kamil Jones: Is Becoming A Well Known Recording Artist/ Entrepreneur



 Starting his career in ninth grade and from then on perfecting his craft, Kamil Jones makes a great impact today as an artist. He is from the peach state,Georgia. He grew up in the city of Douglasville where he spent his idle time searching for hobbies and things he liked to do. He then eventually discovered poetry! Literature really took Jones far and kicked off his career in music. Kamil Jones states, “being young and black with a gift in writing was very helpful when I finally began to write and make music in middle school”. He is now twenty-four years old and has made music long enough to see the game change. As a person and artist he never wanted to change with the game but adapt to the times. 

  Prideful about his lyrical ability and his ability to piece together flows, he has become very proud of his skills and strengths. Kamil has a passion, and that passion is creating. He enjoys the drive and purpose of making music and achieving all accomplishments. Listening to music by Mac Miller, Casey Veggies, Dom Kennedy and many other dope artists from 2010 to 2012 gave him so much inspiration on this career path he has chosen. Music has always been in Kamil Jones’s life from the very beginning. 

  His father was a DJ so even while being in the womb music was very influential to him. Growing up musically inclined and raised as an outstanding man and becoming the artist he is today shows that country kindness but isn’t afraid to hurt someone’s feelings and he keeps it real always. Kamil Jones is such a ladies man, a flirt (on a wholesome level) and all in all he is a Georgia boy. His skill in writing will show the world how talented he is with his pen. He is ready to take on the next steps to his goal.

  Accomplishing many great things in his life he’s got more to be grateful for. He has gotten many press releases done from Artist Republik and sonos music group to name a couple. Done interviews with Voyage atl and shoutout atl, was acknowledged by whopoppin promotions on instagram and deemed, “The hottest artist” at a handful of showcase performances. Jones’s goal is to gain attention, make good music, stay true to his art and stay true to those that can help him achieve all goals. Kamil Jones has been piecing together an untitled album, with beats by G’ko, Cloudybeats, LG abundance and Cahli, the whole house arrest records team. 

  As the great artist Kamil is he always keeps his audience in motion with a handful of videos ready to drop for the summer. Among many lessons he’s learned during his journey in his career Kamil has learned that money talks. Industry people use a dollar as a listening ear and he knows if you wanna work you have to spend money. He knows that you can not hate on anybody because he believes that hating people is lame. He’s learned not to pay attention to haters. Among all that he has learned to just stay true to himself because once you veer off from who you are you crash.

  He would like to let anyone striving to follow his career path know that you should focus on peace, mental wealth and health, strength and perseverance and to stay close to your people that really want to see you win and from doing that you’ll have no doubt in your mind. Some wise words from Kamil, “When you appear to be elevating people that did not put no air in the balloon are going to want to float up with you. Learn to cut ties peacefully without hate. Some bridges don’t need to be burned, they just might need to be crossed at the moment”. follow Kamil Jones and check out his work!   

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On The Verge Artist

Jordan Darty: An Attorney and Artist That Is Currently Reinventing The Term Go-Getter



Jordan Darty, owner of Team Litty is an on the rise Recording Artist and Attorney  from North Carolina. The brand Team Litty Consists of Jordan Darty, Pj Clyburn and Keyon Harris. Each person brings in their own set of skills to the team. They thrive alongside one another. Jordan Darty is a North Carolina Attorney who practices law at The Darty Law Firm, PLLC in his hometown Statesville, North Carolina. After playing football at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and graduating in 2014 he decided to pursue other ventures of interest within his life. He followed his fathers footsteps and attended a school of law. In 2016 is when he attended Charlotte School of Law. Unfortunately the school closed down and he transferred to a new school called Lincoln Memorial University located in Knoxville, Tennessee. After graduating in 2019 and passing the NC Bar Exam later in 2020 he began working at a family law firm.

Although Jordan is an attorney, that does not stop one of his other passions. Music. While attending UNC Chapel Hill he was both recording and writing. Music was therapeutic for him. Since pursuing music for more than just a hobby he has released a new mixtape every year since 2019. Every release shows a different stage of his life during that time period. This year he is focused on an EP titled “Love Lies & Lust”. This project brings back the real R&B feeling. Jordan uses samples from Brandy’s “Down For You”, Neyo’s “Sick” and many others that cater to each specific track. He states “ In my biased opinion, the songs should be listened to in order to get the emotional roller coaster feeling”. This project is set to drop this February so mark your calendars. 


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On The Verge Artist

J Breeze: Is Ready To Regain His Buzz Within The Music Industry



Justin Bryant, better known as  J Breeze is an on the rise recording artist. He has been creating music since he was only 15 years old. Years later this is still his passion. J Breeze wants everyone to hear his story through his music. Recently he has blessed his fans with an EP titled “Captivated” since then he has also released a few singles that are all now available on streaming platforms. It is a nonstop grind for him right now as he aims to grow his brand and really make his name known within this industry. He also has an official clothing line launched called “Freedom Forever”. His work ethic is like no other. Each project he releases is a work of art.

Currently J Breeze is working on regaining his buzz and is in the process of working on an album titled “Ascension”. The goal for 2022 is to get his name and music heard around the world. He states “My motto is that if I can do it, anyone can!”. With his sheer determination and true passion it will not be hard for him to gain traction behind his music. In the meantime check out his latest releases and get familiar ! Make sure to add his music to your playlists. You will not be disappointed. Each one of his releases caters to his personal backstory. His music reflects his own personal life events.

Make sure you stream his latest releases now available on all major streaming platforms.

Stream his music here

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On The Verge Artist

Arshbro – Sharing his story with fans



Arshbro official image in hd 2022

Pull Up was published alongside a music video so that people may gain a better understanding of Arshbro. He began to present himself to us, and he was finally able to tap into his personality’s creative aspect and let it shine through. Setting the tone, he subsequently produced.

Get To Know Arshbro

Arshbro doesn’t consider himself to be a member of any single musical genre, although he dabbles in practically everything. It’s his swift entry into the scene and determination to put himself out there that I’m most pleased with, says his musical coach. He makes an effort to grow in all ramifications. 

Arshbro, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

Music has always been a part of me, but I never really got into it until last year. I moved into a house with some of his musical friends, and that’s when the opportunities started rising. My friend, who was currently my manager and partner, owned a studio inside the house and recorded and produced music almost every day. One day out of curiosity, I hopped on one of his beats and recorded his debut single, Pull Up. And the rest is history.

Has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Building a company and a burgeoning music career proved his most challenging obstacle to overcome. Making time for music was difficult for me because of his type-A tendencies and the need for routine.

In releasing the song, what did you find the most challenging? His biggest challenge was putting in the time and effort to create something new. To begin, I sought a sound that would communicate my message to the soul, mind and ears of the listeners but I also sought to infuse it with my unique style and flair.

What was the most difficult thing you had to overcome as a personal challenge in your own life? 

My biggest challenge was getting used to the idea of filming a music video and putting himself out there.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?

When I was in fourth grade, he was recognised for academic distinction at an awards ceremony. As a child, he felt like I was unstoppable and capable of accomplishing anything, and that experience shaped who he was today.

While growing up in a predominately black neighbourhood, he was the only white student in his class, making it difficult to fit in. As a result, Arshbro was also a target of abuse at school because of his uniqueness. The only way he could avoid getting beaten up was to run home at the conclusion of every recess.( this isn’t accurate )

When Arshbro was growing up, his  self-esteem was moulded by bullying.( neither is this )

What do you consider to be your greatest personal assets?

 My capacity to create and engage with others is one of my best assets. Being the centre of attention isn’t a problem for me. The fact that I have a good sense of humour also comes in handy when times are tough.

Follow him: Spotify, Apple Music

Instagram – @arshbroofficial 

Instagram – @211_records_

Twitter – @arshbroofficial 

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