Not all entrepreneurs have the same opportunities that pave the way for their success. While some already have the right skill set, idea, and initiative, others may need an encouraging push to help them get started with their career. 

This encouraging push is what Kanji Low, a business coach and mentor, offers. Working for the world’s fastest accelerator platform for entrepreneurs and leaders, Kanji motivates entrepreneurs to help them achieve their maximum potential, and make a name for themselves. 

A Break From the 9 to 5 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Kanji works as a business coach and mentor who manages to earn $25,000 and above by teaching his clients how to manage their money, clients, and time, as well as giving them a sense of direction in their chosen industry. 

But before he engaged in being a coach, Kanji used to work in corporate IT for five years. In 2017, he started questioning if there’s anything else he can do to earn more that could impact others as well. 

Kanji then invested in courses and books where he learned a thing or two in mentoring which he then used when he started coaching in between his nine to five schedule. 

In April 2019, Kanji invested in himself and built his personal brand. 

Partnering With XLR8

To further his brand and gain a wider market to offer his services, Kanji partnered with XLR8 Online, the world’s fastest accelerator platform for entrepreneurs and leaders seeking fulfillment, freedom, and success. 

Originally offering eight weeks of services, XLR8 condensed it into eight days, to help accommodate more clients and ensure that they will learn how to think and move towards a clear purpose in life, as well as identify their true value to help them charge clients fair yet significant fees. 

Through this partnership, Kanji has amassed over 35,000 followers on Instagram and has become a leader in the coaching or self-education industry. 

In the future, Kanji hopes to strengthen his partnership with XLR8 Online and create a revolutionary platform that includes a transformational hub through hubs, specialized development, and VR to engage more entrepreneurs and leaders. 

For more information on Kanji and XLR8, visit Also check out Kanji’s social media accounts on Facebook ( and Instagram (@kanji.low). 

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