A hauntingly beautiful song captures the essence of sorrow, allowing us to reflect on times gone by and emerging with a newfound strength.

Rapidly rising entertainer and progressive artist vinny. based out of Kansas City, has been delivering unforgettable, high-energy, polished performances that captivate every audience, no matter their musical tastes. His show-stopping presence, athletic lyricism, and the deep desire to fit multiple styles have made him a fan favorite among his ever-expanding catalog of listeners, who are always left entranced and enchanted by his performances on any record that he is on.

He has returned harder with a masterpiece that is oozing charisma, critically deserved acclaim, and raw talent in his new banger “Out of My Mind,” which is doing well across various digital platforms.

If you were in love with the late Juice WRLD’s music, then this performance right here will hit closer to home; as someone who isn’t afraid of borrowing inspiration from his vulnerabilities and finding strength in his painful or sad experiences, this performance right here connects to its listener on a deep emotional level.

vinny. breathes life into the lyrical narrative with his melodious rap-sing technique, ebbing and flowing over the crisp, polished, and full-bodied instrumentation that lays the ice for him to skate on!

“Out of My Mind” was conceived out of an undesirable situation that happened to vinny. in which a past failed relationship left him bruised but still thinking of ways to better himself and move on.

From his painful experience, the deep underlying message here is that of standing on both of your feet no matter how hard you’ve been knocked down because life has to move on whether you’re hurt or not…and this trickles down even into other factions of life.

“Out of My Mind” is a radio-friendly anthem, deeply haunting, and has been astoundingly produced and coherently presented to allow a listener to develop their personal relationship with the lyrics.

Already pulling up some massive stream numbers, it is with such a full heart that I recommend this bona fide standout to you, and I hope you fall in love with it as much as I did.

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