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Kara the Vampire Slayer, the YouTube Blueprint




If you are looking for inspiration in the YouTube space, look no further than Kara the Vampire Slayer. After watching her husband, Michael McCrudden, grow a sizeable following in the millions via YouTube she was enticed to start creating content alongside him on a second channel title ‘Famous Entertainment’. Within months she had quickly risen to the ranks of be a successful full time employed YouTube content creator. Her partnership with her husband, has allowed her to learn the ropes and all the ins and outs of YouTube content creation. However, it’s not the reason that she is successful at doing so. 

Instead, Kara the Vampire Slayer is a success story all of her own. If you look at her channel, you can see that her individual work via writing, hosting and community engagement has allowed her to stand alone via an independent brand known as ‘Famous Entertainment’. On top of this, she has also started up an additional vlog channel for the couple. 

While the vlog channel is less popular and newer, the Famous Entertainment channel has become a YouTube staple. Amassing over one hundred million views in total and the channel now has almost 500,000 YouTube subscribers. 

So what about Kara the Vampire Slayer makes her content so successful? Well, for one, she is incredibly hardworking. Not only does she spend a great deal of time working on her content creation projects, but she even has taken the measure of adding her studio to her home. 

From home, she works with her husband to create YouTube content for an array of social media platforms. This drive to create means that she uploads to Famous Entertainment daily as well as posts to Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat & more. These regular uploads have resulted in a dedicated fan base for the brand ‘Famous Entertainment’ and for Kara the Vampire Slayer herself. 

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