Kenneth DeZire Allen is a fashion designer with over fifteen years of experience. His latest collection, RelaxRoyalDesigns, is sure to turn heads. Stay tuned for new designs this fall!

This fall, Kenneth DeZire Allen will release new designs to the RelaxRoyalDesigns clothing store. With over fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry, Kenneth has always been a trendsetter, working with some of the top names in both fashion and music. In recent years, he has shifted his focus to creating innovative and affordable clothing for small creators who need it most. As an independent artist, Kenneth understands the importance of income and how difficult it can be to make a living as an influencer. He is committed to helping others achieve their dreams by providing high-quality clothes at an affordable price. His latest collection is sure to turn heads, so stay tuned!

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Kenneth De’Zire Allen Higginbotham has made a name for him self in the Fashion Industry as Well as The Social Media World! De’Zire Allen Has made a huge success in his 6 figure business, as well as becoming a Social Media Influencer in the mix of his success.

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