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Key Mung : The Next Big Musical Talent



Key Mung

Key Mung has great musical talent. He releases his love song album, Nang A Ding om Den Ning, on July 11th, 2022.  He earns every cent from CD sales for this album. He is assisting Myanmar’s citizens. There are 12 songs and 5 featured artists on this album. The CD album is a huge hit. Key Mung sold enough copies to feed 31 families in Yauh Cho Kwin for three months. Each family received bulk packages of rice, noodles and oil.

From the vibrant landscapes of Chin State, Key Mung carried with him a resonating passion for music as he moved to Kalaymyo from Budiman. His dream, kindled in the quiet nights of Myanmar and fueled by the cacophony of the modern world, was to become a singer. In 2013, while still a high school student, Key Mung took his first bold steps towards realizing this dream. It was then that he embarked on his music career, creating a symphony of songs and mixtapes in collaboration with his friends. 

As the years rolled on, Key Mung’s commitment to his craft bore significant fruit. In 2018, he unveiled his debut album “True Love” to the world, earning himself a steadfast fan base that admired not just his music, but also the depth of emotion he channeled into every note. A year later, he gifted his fans with a second album, “Nang A Ding Om Den Ning.” The year 2023 saw the release of his mini-album “Nang Deih Bang Hong Zang In,” further solidifying his place in the hearts of his listeners. 

Key Mung’s talents are not confined to melody alone. His aptitude for technology led him to a successful career as a computer technology engineer. He brought this technological prowess to his music, integrating the traditional with the modern to create a harmonious blend that is both enchanting and resonant. 

Because of my life story, I chose the album title Nang a ding om den Ning. I broke up with my girlfriend in 2015 without knowing why. Then I continue to write songs for my album after that. One of my favorite songs on this album is Khen non lo ding, which is on it.

It took over a year to finish the record. I wrote and produced every song on my debut CD, which was released. I’ve done albums in the past, but they were never released as CDs online.

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