KFXRich is a 21-year-old editor hailing from the Bay Area in California. After dropping out of college after his freshman year, KFXRich had a passion to pursue Visual Effects (VFX) that was too great to ignore. 

Influencer Work

He soon moved to LA and now works as an editor for many influencers such as SwagboyQ, TheBlondeJon, Ayzha Nyree, Tosha ptp, Joey Sendz, Ghetto Spider, and DJ Swagrman.

Recently he has been making headlines for his work with companies like Sony, Marvel, and Puma. He is providing unique VFX solutions on their projects which have resulted in some stunning visual effects! 

His work has spread around the world, inspiring young editors everywhere to reach for their dreams and develop their own styles in the industry.

Life before KFXRich

Before reaching the heights of success he finds himself in today, KFXRich attended college but ultimately decided it wasn’t right for him so dropped out after his freshman year. He was determined to use his talents in VFX which led him to move to Los Angeles where he started his journey as an influencer’s editor.

Experimenting with VFX in highschool, Kerrington sometimes shows his early work to fans on his Instagram page. Not nearly rivaling the work he does now, these peaks into his early work serve to inspire his audience who are getting their start.

Working with Sony, Marvel & Puma

His hard work and dedication paid off when he started receiving recognition from larger entities such as Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Marvel Entertainment LLC., and PUMA SE. Projects with these companies included creating interactive visuals for website marketing campaigns alongside creating adverts for 3D products brought into life through the power of VFX. 

Ultimately, through innovative thinking such as using augmented reality technologies combined with tailored animation techniques; KFXRich created a unique style that caught the eye of these big names in entertainment.

An Inspiration

In short – KFXRich is an inspiration; someone who isn’t afraid to try something different and go against conventions that are expected of him by society or other people in pursuit of achieving greater heights within their career path regardless of its unconventional nature. 

People like him surely inspire not just others within their field but also those who may feel discouraged by societal norms or expectations set upon them due to their situations in life; reminding them that anything is possible if you believe strongly enough in your dreams.