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KG Visualz Productions: The Man Behind The Lens



Kenya Gaines is from Wilmington, Delaware. Kenya is both owner and founder of KG Visualz Productions. KG Visual Productions is a freelance photography/videography business he started back in 2017. In the beginning his main focus was solely photography,but as his career moved forward it opened up more business opportunities for his brand. He started out his video journey first only creating youtube content with his friends. They created content that catered to fashion, sneakers and other miscellaneous things. After dabbling in creating a few basic videos he decided to venture out and begin shooting videos for free around his hometown.

Yes, for free, but starting brands gain so much by starting to create for free. It helps their name travel. He was doing this all while balancing the life of also being a college student. The first 2 years of his business was rough, but nonetheless rewarding. He used those years to perfect his craft and brush up on knowledge of the business. After working a 9-5 job and trying to balance his passion behind the camera he decided to quit and pursue his passion full on. He moved to Los Angeles to create full time as a videographer.

Kenya saw his goal and went all in. He is a positive and solid individual who is working to change his life as well as those around him. Right now he is working on new projects and continuing to hustle. This year is about growing and expanding his brand and clientele base. He has learned to trust the process and walk humbly within this industry. He says “Stay true to yourself. Be able to receive information and learn from it whether its criticism or encouragement”. Wise words from this young entrepreneur. Make sure you connect with him and follow his work. 


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