Through her fashion website POSHGLAM, entrepreneur Kimberly Stone provides a distinctive way for individuals to engage with the world of luxury goods for both men and women. The reputable website, which was founded in 2005, features a social marketplace and fashion news when she was a child journalist and a young fashion girl.

Furthermore, It has become a go-to site for anything related to fashion due to the platform’s user base and selection of high-end designers. For many years, it has made it possible for brands to build incredible relationships with consumers while also growing their market.

Now, POSHGLAM is making a change to use the social shopping experience to entice premium businesses to sell on the website. The platform will integrate a new eCommerce platform with its news, social, and the marketplace features.

 In addition to an eCommerce platform, this progression will produce an engaging shopping experience. Both the user and the fashionista will want to talk and post about it.

 Kimberly Stone is a Plus size model who took to entrepreneurship at a young age after being encouraged by her family to start something of her own. Her love for art, fashion, design, and the media led her to start her website while in college.

 With footprints in over 147 countries, POSHGLAM is positioned as the international go-to platform for fashion devotees and hopefuls. Since its inception, the website has assisted several fashion designers and businesses in growing into the well-known names we all now associate with. To host their products on the website, new brands are now being sought after.