It is imperative to be aware of different people in this society. One should be mindful of other people’s feelings to make not only their own life or work easier but also others. Appreciating and thanking these people who work so hard is a sign of a good personality and emotional intelligence. Kique Gomez, one of the top 10 contestants on The Voice Season 22, is doing the same by sharing and dedicating an entire post on his Instagram. 

Here is a breakdown of that post. 

At the start of the post, he describes what he has been through by saying, “It’s taken me a minute to make a post about me leaving the show. Trying to process the radical change I just went through is so much brain power.”. It is apparent that he has gone through his COVID days while on the show and has been sick during the last two performances. After taking a well-deserved break, he is finally here to thank the people who made it possible for him to go through the competition seamlessly. 

He refers to everyone on the show as “family” and appreciates them because of the change he has seen in himself after the show. He is grateful for the support he received from “The Voice” family and the help they provided that allowed him to do what he loves – sing. He admires not only the contestants and the judges but the support staff who works behind the camera to make it all happen for the viewers. He adds, “They work so hard behind the scenes to make this show happen, and it is incredible to watch.

It is true that most of the time, the support staff is overlooked, but not by Kique, who appreciates them for making everything happen. This shows an outstanding character and a strong personality which is the making of a brilliant artist. He also mentions how this experience has been life-changing for him. He recalls his good memories from the show and how it gave him a platform to showcase his talent and taught him so much about the music industry. He is a better singer and musician because of the show and the people around him who helped him tirelessly. 

Ultimately, he promises to work hard and achieve all his goals and dreams. He says, “This show was just the start.” and adds, “Expect some amazing stuff to come soon.” His fans all over the world are waiting patiently for Kique to release more songs and renditions for them to enjoy. He has the potential to reach the sky, and it is precisely what he aims to do. 

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