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All you need to know about Tragus Piercings



If you are looking for an accessory, you might consider an ear-piercing (or more). Celebrities and cool girls alike love the curated ear. There are many options available, so you can choose between subtle and edgy.

Scroll down to learn more about a tragus piercing. This includes the mean, healing times,after care,type,material and cost.

What is Tragus Piercing?

The tragus piercing is done on the tiny area of cartilage that partially covers the ear canal. The outer ear is composed of cartilage and skin. Traditionalists still prefer the fleshy lobe, but there are other areas of cartilage that may appeal to those who want to pierce their lobes. Lewis says, “As piercers we are looking for a small flat region that can support being pierced.” Tragus piercings look great on anyone, provided your ear is compatible.

A surface tragus is also known. It is done in the same place as the tragus, but instead of puncturing the cartilage it is only pierced through the skin. The jewelry is placed beneath the skin so that the body may reject it.

Pain and healing time

Yes, pain can be relative to a point. How much does a tragus puncture hurt? Lewis states that most cartilage piercings feel more like pressure than pain to him. I have had both a tragus piercing and a helix done and neither was more painful. People are different and will feel pain differently. No pain, no gain, right?

Although ear cartilage piercings can be difficult to heal, the tragus is a problem. It gets in the way of talking on the phone, using Bluetooth earpieces or listening to headphones. These ear devices can harbor germs that could slow down your piercing’s recovery time. Avoid direct contact with your tragus. This is recommended for at least two weeks. Lewis says that there are many factors that will affect the healing times of a piercing. However, generally speaking, it would take anywhere from six to twelve months.

Cost of Tragus Piercing

Prices for tragus piercings will vary depending on where they are done. There may be less to pay for jewelry than the act of piercing. Tragus piercings usually cost between $30 and $40. Lewis explains that most inner ear cartilage-piercings cost around the same amount. There are many jewelry options. The only limit is how many diamonds.


Proper aftercare should be considered when considering any type of piercing. You don’t want your excitement over a new earring to be eclipsed by an infection. Lewis suggests that you clean your piercing at least twice per day using sterile saline solution during the first two-three months. Do not touch or move the piercing. Any trauma or pressure can slow down the healing process. You should leave the piercing alone, unless you are cleaning it.

What type of jewelry is used for Tragus Piercing

  • StudSimple and small, studs make a great choice for tiny tragus piercings. Ball studs are ideal for new piercings. They have smooth edges and are less likely to catch on hair or clothing. After the piercing heals, you will be able to go more wild with your studs.
  • Barbell: A barbell earring is an earring that has balls at both ends and a center bar. Tragus barbells are smaller than others. This is a great choice for a new piercing. It’s simple to install and clean.
  • Tiny hoops:Tiny hoops are another option. However, we recommend waiting until your piercing is healed before trying hoops with unusual shapes or textures.

What jewelry material is used for Tragus piercing?

  • Stainless steel: This is a high quality metal that is often used in piercings. However, it does contain nickel. Sobel states that nickel is “a common source of irritation or piercing infections, as many people are allergic to nickel even in the smallest amount.”
  • Gold While it might be tempting to choose a metal with a lower price, higher quality metals are more likely to heal and are better for people with sensitive skin. Sobel recommends 14-karat gold over expensive jewelry that contains nickel.
  • Platinum:An alternative to gold approved by Sobel. Although it does not contain nickel but has a look similar to stainless steel, platinum is not.
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