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Kristina Menissov Unleashes Her Energy



Kristina Menissov is a model and singer based in Los Angeles, California. Her beauty has graced a multitude of magazine covers and she has walked runways all over the world. A classically trained opera singer, she has set her sights on being the next pop princess. I was honored Kristina took time out of her crazy schedule to talk about her upcoming song, her process for writing music, and her plans for the future.

  1. Tell us about your upcoming song release.

Right now I am working on a whole album that will have 8 songs. I just finished recording a song from it that is called “Potion”. The song is about dark feminine energy and it’s the first song where at the bridge I just decided to add classic opera voice.

  1. What drew you to that song?

This song is about accepting and unleashing the sexual and sensual energy for women, I was raised to be a good girl so for me to connect with my other side and sexuality was sort of a taboo which was only hurting me starting the psychosomatic issues to just in general my mental health was struggling and only when I let go of that good girl and accepted myself fully I became a better person in general.

  1. Where did you find inspiration for your songs?

My inspiration for the song was for me to push my own boundaries and show maybe other women who are struggling accept their own feminine energy and sexuality that by unleashing it will only help and know that won’t end up being the main thing in your life and that sexuality is healthy.

  1. What is your recording process

It all starts with listening to a good beat. After that me and my producer Andrew Lane sit down at the studio and start writing. I come up with ideas and he helps to put it in proper English (since English is not my first language) after we record a demo and usually after that I forget about my song, Ha-Ha. Then, I finally decided to practice and record it all and release it and face my insecurities and fears.

  1. What do you love about music?

That it helps me to learn myself. That it helps me to work on myself and share my own thoughts, discover my own creativity, and push myself to do better every time.

  1. What do you hope people will take away after listening to your music?

I hope right now I can show how to accept them fully and if at least one person will have an insight that will help will mean that my mission is accomplished.

  1. What other project do you have coming up?

The main project right now is to release my album and I am not letting myself to get distracted this time, but I am still me! So in the meantime me and another model, Joanna Borov, are working to give back to the community. We partnered up with a nonprofit organization home of the Russian domesticated foxes and Dorkwolf called JAB Cabot Education & Conservation Ctr to bring attention and awareness to the great work that they are doing.

  1. Where can we follow you on social media?

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