Krxs G is an on the rise artist from Modesto, California and Reno, Nevada. He has been rapping since a young age. After doing a 6 year bid in prison for a bar fight in Reno, Nevada he had a very busy year. Krxs G had signed to Coke Boys West within a week of being out, but later left due to business not being done properly. After that incident he decided to become an independent artist and manage his own brand and image. As an indie artist Krxs G release a new song “Doe Ray Me” featuring San Francisco Bay legends Mistah f.a.b and E-40s artist Nef The Pharaoh.

Krxs G has been through it all. He has smoked with Chris Brown and 300 ENT’s A&R Hood and has also beefed with OJ Simpson himself. This pandemic has effected a lot of artists including Krxs G. During this pandemic his son has been on life support and has been trying to recover from COVID-19. COVID-19 had also left artist unemployed and Krsx G was sadly one of them. With luck on his side he ended up winning a 5k challenge for a rap contest hosted by @blanoballing.

This publicity has really helped his brand and has also helped his family. He is currently interested in being part of a new label to call his home, but the hustle can not stop. Krxs G is currently working on a new album and in the middle of major collaborations with Bow Wow and Raven Felix formally from Taylor Gang. 2021 will be an amazing year for this artist as he makes use of his conscious rap ability and will be quitting alcohol this year. This year will be major for Krxs G.

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