New Orleans artist Kxng Anon is set to make waves with his highly anticipated album, “Been N Rage B4,” the third and final installment of his powerful trilogy. Building upon the success of “Been N Luv B4” and “Been N Pain B4,” Kxng Anon delves deep into the transformative journey from heartbreak and emotional pain to anger and bitterness. The album’s raw and aggressive production sets the tone for Kxng Anon’s exploration of isolating himself from those he perceives as negative influences. However, as the album progresses, a poignant shift occurs. Kxng Anon reveals a newfound introspection and vulnerability, inspired by therapeutic conversations with collaborator PalmTree$toney, who lends his voice as Psychiatree$. This transition marks a turning point in the album, as Kxng Anon embarks on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and forgiveness. “Been N Rage B4” is a triumphant conclusion that solidifies Kxng Anon’s place as an artist who fearlessly embraces his past, using it as fuel for an inspiring future.