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LA Tattoo Artist Franko Khalifa is ready for 2023



Good evening Red X Magazine viewers! Today we have a special guest who’s blessed with a tattoo machine in is hands! This tattoo artist can be found in Los Angeles California area! With work like his it’s almost impossible to not scroll through his work on instagram (@FrankoKhalifa) and not schedule an appointment! I caught up with the young talent and wanted to get more acquainted with Franko Khalifa and down below is what he had to say!

Let’s start off with your name and what it is that you do?
I go by Franko khalifa and I’m a tattoo artist.

Franko Khalifa is a really dope name! How long have you been tattooing?
I’ve been tattooing officially for 5 years now

What is a common misconception people have about what you do as a Tattoo Artist?
Most people assume that anyone that can draw or anyone that has a art background can just pick up a machine and tattoo, when in reality it’s nothing like drawing on paper or painting a canvas.

What is most challenging about being a tattoo artist?
The most challenging part to me is staying creative. It’s easy to get pulled into all these different tattoo trends and also just staying relevant. I live in LA, which is where a lot of the best tattoo artist that you know do their work.

What’s one of your most memorable pieces you’ve done?
My most memorable piece was the first tattoo I did in a shop professionally. It wasn’t so much the tattoo, it was just the feeling I got after all the ups and down tattooing in my house and my grandmas house. I was just happy to finally be where I was trying to get at the time.

Is there any tattoo that you want to ink on someone that you haven’t done yet?
I don’t have a specific tattoo but, someone I want to tattoo for sure is Wiz Khalifa, I’m waiting on that day to come.

What’s your next goal in the tattooing industry?
Traveling out the country to tattoo. That’s what I have all my energy focused towards right now!

Franko Khalifa’s talents with a tattoo machine most definitely speaks for itself! A mixture of organic conversations, effort and precision is what you get when booking with tattoo artist Franko Khalifa. For more artwork from Franko Khalifa, be sure to check out his social platforms below!

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