Hi, Miss Olyasha Novozhyla. I hope you are well. Well, Tell us about your goals and plans for 2021?

After 2020, I’m taking 2021 totally different. Even though 2020 was an amazing year for me, with so many great accomplishments, and it was very busy for me as well.In 2021 I’m implementing new strategy, I’m not setting hard new year resolutions, I’m setting up intentions that are aligned with my goals. I’ve set up so many goals for 2020, and I achieved most of them,but some of them got postponed because of pandemic, so this time I’m kind of more concentrated on a short term goals. As for me, I like to share my wins after but not when they are still in works.So you will find out about them this year.
What is the greatest moment of your experience last year and which is the baddest?I’ve had so many great moments in 2020! I’ve achieved a personal goal that I couldn’t accomplish for the past 3 years. I’ve written very meaningful children’s book. I’ve had very successful year with my NotBasicBlonde Podcast, with so many famous guests.My blog and my brand grew as well!My personal GIPHY got over 79M views. 

You were a Fashionista from a very young age. What is your advice for those kids and Girls who don’t know much about fashion to look great?

For me it came within, and my mom was my huge inspiration, she always plays a significant role in my style. For those who don’t know about fashion, my best advice is to follow your heart and what speaks to you! 

Is it true that in a first year your podcast got an already over 1M downloads?

https://notbasicblonde.com/(My podcast got over 1M downloads in a first year)Yes, my NotBasicBlonde Celebrity Podcast got over 1M downloads in a first year with so many famous guests.
Where do you see the Blogging industry in the next few Years?As far as blogging industry, it’s going more towards video, everyone is having their own reality shows on IGTV, and YouTube, TikTok is thriving, so it all will more in a video format.

What is your current project you are working on?

I can’t disclose it yet, but you will find out soon.

I just visited your Instagram and you mostly upload some small clips of your videos, Is there a specific reason?

Yes, because you get way more exposure by posting videos than just pictures. It increases reach a lot.