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Lazaris The Top Don Of New York For Real Unites all 5 Boroughs in NYC



Lazaris, the Top Don, is a Puerto Rican & Cuban artist. His music history dates back to 1999 when he was the Master of Ceremony having obtained a Cuban link with terror squad where he was referred to as a ‘new fresh air in the music industry.’

Having come from a family of a musical bloodline and dynasty, Lazaris the top don’s first mixtape and album release was a success as the dynasty influenced his path and journey in music.

Lazaris the Top Don’s success didn’t come on a silver platter. He attributes his success to some people who played a major role in becoming a big deal in the musical industry. Arsenio Rodriguez, who is Lazaris’ uncle, had been in the industry since he was a child inspired him. Other people who Lazaris attributes to his success include DA Inphamus Amadeuz, who guided him in learning the behind the scenes part of the music industry, Big Pun, and Kurtis Blow.

Lazaris, the Top Don, is famous for his respectable and exacting hard-working attitude that he has sent in tutoring the youthful age of specialists who imagine that the music vocation is only a stroll in the recreation center. He likewise offers them some essential suggestions and guidance that are of extraordinary advantage to amateurs in music.

Being a prestigious Master of Ceremony from South Bronx, Lazaris the Top Don acquired an opportunity to be facilitated by Styles P, from the Lox Dbock Ruff Ryders in the Legendary Cipher was appraising unsigned Masters of Ceremony. His rising pattern in hip-jump music likewise procured him an opportunity to highlight on Channel 12 News, not failing to remember that his records play on Eminem public broadcasts.

With his unwavering spirit, Lazaris the Top Don is just about to drop a new album. “The Life of Don” This is after he made another hit last year, Svccess in my path” was named among the Best Albums from NYC 2020.

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