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Learn From Dr. Angela Brownemiller About Current Pressing Emotional and Spiritual Survival Issues



As time passes, we observe that the planet is deteriorating and that people are damaging it with little regard for the consequences. The way we live has a detrimental impact on the environment, which will be ever more apparent to everyone everywhere sooner or later. At some point, we will quickly regret every harmful action we have taken thus far. It is past time for us to accept responsibility for our acts, or else the living things on Earth, maybe even our own species, will perish.

Author Dr. Angela Brownemiller is a professional in the fieldsof psychotherapy and what she calls psycho-spirituality. In her books and audiobooks, she talks about and brings to light several major concerns. Her book, OVERRIDING THE EXTINCTION SCENARIO: DETECTING THE BAR ON THE EVOLUTION OF HUMAN SPECIES, has grabbed its readers and listeners by storm. This is about the emotional and spiritual sides of climate change and of rescuing ourselves and the Earth. The book’s overall theme is that climate change is greater than anything or anybody, and it will require everyone on Earth to cope with what is happening and to survive.

Dr. Brownemiller brings some very exciting survival concepts to us in very simple ways. And she talks about who we humans actually are. She also discusses hopeand how powerful hope can be. Many people are realizing after reading her KEYS TO CONSCIOUSNESS AND SURVIVAL book series that what we think is happening to the Earth, what we think we know, is merely the tip of the iceberg. Brownemiller talks about how humanbehavior and even perception, ways of seeing ourselves and our world, must changefor us all to survive. Dr. Brownemiller offers readers and listeners some very exciting information on out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, and ranges of consciousness. All this is about waking us up so we know what it may take not only to cope with Earth’s changes but also to survive these changes psychologically and spiritually as well as physically.

Dr. Angela Brownemiller, Author of Life-Changing Books

There are numerous books that have been written regarding the themes of hope, humanity, and climate change, but none like the ones authored by Dr. Angela Brownemiller. She draws on her years of expertise and study to produce ideas that encourage her readersand audiences to take action toward their own personal change, as well as society’s change. Brownemiller says, “Some of the patterns we might become locked in are truly harmful, even life-threatening (for example, some drug/alcohol addictions) … We may find ourselves racing farther and deeper into a downward cycle, like ants marching into their death spirals, with no visible exit. And these ants, well, these ants are hardwired to parade into their no-exit traps.”

Dr. Angela Brownemiller, also known as Dr. Angela®, is a visionary author, speaker, educator, clinician, psychotherapist, and researcher who is an expert in many psychological, social, spiritual, public health, and consciousness fields. She is the author of hundreds of books and articles on the human mind, spirit, and condition in our times. covers all of the books she has authored, the platforms she has appeared on, and who she is to help people understand the nature of her work. But, without question, Dr. Angela is working really hard to bring about change. We should all join her on this path to becoming part of the major changes we can make in ourselves to help us all survive.


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