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Learning From a Young Entrepreneur – Ngan Nguyen



Who better to learn about entrepreneurship from than someone who has been there and done it? Entrepreneurship is a difficult option to pursue for money since you must invest funds to get started. Above that, instead of a 9-5 job, it is a 24/7 project. However, if you get the hang of it, it provides several advantages that may last a lifetime.

You might get inspiration from the story of this talented young businesswoman, Ngan Nguyen, who had nothing when she started but built her reputation while overcoming all challenges.

Ngan’s Journey of Being an Entrepreneur

She was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States with her brother and parents in 1993, when she was just seven years old. Her parents supported their children by working in the service industry. She left home at 16 years old owing to a difficult family life and dropped out of school, completing her high school certificate at John Marshall Night School in Portland, before enrolling in Linn-Benton Community College and eventually transferring to Oregon State University. She began her adventure as a destitute 16-year-old with nothing.

Nguyen saw it as a challenge rather than a threat and launched her company, Cintamani Group. Cintamani Group’s strength is its ability to combine global and public agendas with those of private enterprises through effective strategy formulation and cooperation.

She contributed to the formation of a women’s community in the London region (the London Chapter of the International Association of Women, an organization that facilitates global cooperation and discussions to support equity and the professional development of women and communities globally). The team seeks to create a pleasant atmosphere that benefits the community and helps members succeed, with a board of 10 women and top advisers from the London region.

About Ngan’s Business

She is the current director of Cintamani Group, a Boston-based organizational development and strategy consulting business with a London office. She has also left her mark on many other enterprises, including Executive Coach at MIT Advanced, Vision for Mastery Accelerator, and serving on the boards of several private organizations. Not only that, but she works for the community outside of her professional life, creating a collaborative atmosphere for individuals to interact. Ngan also enjoys writing and has written a few books to help others understand her journey.

She has exciting plans for the future, including combining her business with her passion for community service. She want to collaborate with the United Nations and present them with game-changing initiatives that they can use to make a difference in the world.

Ngan is a true inspiration to everybody who is fighting to get their life together yet aspires to achieve somebody. People who believe that a homeless person or someone with nothing should not be entrepreneurs should reconsider. Entrepreneurship is all about putting all of your resources to work in order to become anything.

All of the wealthy individuals started from nothing and built a meaningful existence around the goal of improving the world and making an influence. It all comes down to putting the notion into action. Don’t be scared to soar high and break through.


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