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Learning From the Best Publicist – Jane Owen



Who better learn about being a publicist than someone who has been there and done it? A publicist is a difficult option to pursue money since you must have connections to get started. Above that, instead of a 9-5 job, it is a 24/7 project. However, getting the hang of it provides several advantages that may last a lifetime.

You might get inspiration from the story of this talented young businesswoman, Jane Owen, who had nothing when she started but built her reputation while overcoming all challenges.

Jane’s Journey of Being a Publicist

She started after graduating from her university in London. My first primary focus was in music, where I had the opportunity to serve not just as the publicist but as the executive in charge of an independent rock label, “Full On Entertainment.” That experience opened the doors to work with legendary publicist Joan Rolls, who handles significant brands like Van Cleef & Arpels, as her executive assistant. I understood early on how much I still needed to learn about the publicity industry. I understood that being a young woman in charge of anything, you will find that reality met with disdain and opposition from your older male counterparts. 

I didn’t just want to be a successful publicist, and I wanted to be a powerhouse businesswoman. Joan was just that. Not only became my boss but my mentor. She shepherds a wave of female industry leaders, later becoming editor-in-chief of major international magazines, a business owner, and an influential figure in the entertainment industry.  My time working for her was a graduate-level education, forming the foundation for the entrepreneur I would later become. After that experience, I set my sights on the United States, where I worked for film PR firms in Los Angeles and fashion PR firms in New York. I began to grasp the different layers of the entertainment industry, gaining the necessary confidence and experience to open my PR firm, which I did in Los Angeles.

JOPR, The culmination of 20 years of experience.

“Nothing worth doing well is ever an easy road.” JOPR, or Jane Owens Public Relations opened in 2011 with Jane at the PR Firm’s helm; in a very competitive world, Jane Managed to succeed and excel in this business with competition which has been around for at least half a century. Staying true to herself and what she wished and loved to do, Jane and her team have brought success to those seeking to revamp, reinvent, and reborn all those companies and celebrities needing a PR firm. 

“My operation successfully covers a multitude of industries, including Entertainment, Charity, Fashion, Art, Technology, Startups, New Products, Lifestyle, and Hospitality. In recent years, we even had the pleasure and honor of representing foreign Governments. I’m extremely proud that in the eight years since I’ve opened the doors to JOPR, we have achieved global recognition and influence while remaining a boutique agency with a personal relationship with all our clients.”

Jane’s expertise has brought several companies and celebrities to the spotlight, and her love for the job is palpable. “Our ability to stay true and respectful to our client and celebrity relationships has solidified our boutique agency as a premier agency in Los Angeles. It was, I genuinely believe, sets us apart from the rest of the firms.”

To succeed in life, one must do what one loves and likes to do for the sake of wanting to do it. Jane is the Perfect example of someone who has surpassed all the difficulties to achieve all wanting success in life. Taking risks and overcoming obstacles is a part of life, and Jane is the perfect example of success

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