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Learning How to Be a Full-Time Influencer with Tina Lee



The world of social media is constantly evolving. One of the most notable trends of recent years is the boom of influencer marketing. Influencers have built a significant following on social media by talking about various topics, from fashion and beauty to travel and food. Forbes reports that the rise of influencers has shaped a creator economy market size of around $104 billion, with a future valuation in the trillions.

Influencers have undoubtedly become a critical part of the digital landscape, with many turning their online presence into their profession. One of the most noteworthy full-time influencers today is Tina Lee. As a content creator and online educator, she started with just 300 followers on Instagram and has reached an audience of over 700,000 over the past five years. With her relatable and authentic content, she has become a trusted voice in the fashion and luxury lifestyle space.

In her podcast—aptly titled the “Full-Time Influencer Podcast”—Tina shares valuable advice to help aspiring creators grow their brands and pursue their passions for a living. This article will discuss some of her tips to turn your online presence into a full-time career as an influencer:

Find your niche
Finding your niche will allow you to establish yourself as an expert in a specific area. Tina, for example, found her niche in the fashion and lifestyle space. As a graduate of the Parsons School of Design, she banked on her credentials to establish herself as an authority in the fashion industry. Before moving to social media, Tina first developed her niche through her fashion blog. Her website, Of Leather and Lace, still attracts over 2,000 organic visits per month. By being true to herself and her interests, she found a niche that she was genuinely passionate about, allowing her to build a loyal audience.

Tina’s advice on finding your niche is to start with what you’re passionate about and what you can consistently produce content on. Experiment with different topics and see what resonates most with your audience. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, you can explore niche communities such as Stage 32 for the entertainment industry or LinkedIn for professionals and jobseekers. When you have identified your preferred niche and consistently create content within that area, it will be easier to attract a devoted following.

Engage with your audience

Tina is known for her interactive approach to social media and her ability to connect with her followers. With posts that reach over three million views and thousands of comments, she has proven herself a master at audience engagement. Per Tina, engaging with your audience is integral to becoming a successful influencer, as it allows you to build a deeper connection with your followers.

Tina often asks her followers for their opinions on various topics, such as fashion trends or travel destinations, on her social media accounts. She maintains a Q&A button on Tiktok as an open channel for her followers to interact with her directly. She also hosts giveaways, polls, and live stream sessions to drive her engagement figures forward. Her example demonstrates that establishing yourself as a full-time influencer requires proactively interacting with your audience and fostering a sense of community within your sphere of influence.

Maximize your Instagram page

There is no doubt that Instagram pages present plenty of opportunities to monetize and sell products or services. With over 1 billion monthly active users, this platform can be a powerful income stream. Thus, maximizing your Instagram account is one way to cement yourself as a full-time influencer.

One way Tina maximizes her Instagram page is through brand partnerships and sponsored content. She works with various lifestyle brands such as JW Marriott, Adobe, and California Wines to create informative posts that align with her brand and the interests of her audience. Tina also offers consulting and coaching services to aspiring influencers on her page. Her personal Instagram account serves as her portfolio, showcasing her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle expertise. Her cohesive content and engaged audience demonstrate her ability to create and grow a successful online presence. This kind of strategy can make you a credible expert in the field of influencer marketing while maximizing the work you will do on your page.

Becoming a full-time influencer is a challenging but achievable goal. By following the tips and strategies shared by Tina Lee, aspiring influencers can gain valuable insight into the industry and increase their chances of success.

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