Bryce Boggs, son of Gina and Troy Boggs, hails from Hyde Park, Massachusetts but is making an impact globally beyond the city of Boston. Bryce is a professional athlete and entrepreneur who started the streetwear brand called LIFESCRAZY. This company started from the inspiration of the crazy things happening in our lives today and the growth we experience in learning from them.

LIFESCRAZY came to fruition back in 2012, as he used it as his personal slogan and grew to become officially established in 2020. The company has spread from Boston, to Miami, to the United Kingdom and to the rest of the world and stands by the mantra: Live. Learn. Grow. 

LIFESCRAZY offers a wide variety of products including luxury quality shirts, hoodies, and hats. They also sell socks, phone cases and keychains. Many of LIFESCRAZY’s hottest items appeared on racks in stores such as DVSTY, The Release Room, and the renowned Sneak Peek Luxury in Downtown Miami, Florida. 

There have also been a number of high profile athletes, artists, and influencers who stand behind the LIFESCRAZY brand message. Some include NBA Coach Chris Brickley, Badara Traore of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Maurice Hurst of the San Francisco 49Ers, Terrance Mann of the Los Angeles Clippers, Chace, YNJAY & more. 

Alongside selling merchandise, the company has many other ventures. Byce believes in building up community, and that is something that he’s been involved in his whole life. LIFESCRAZY held the 1st annual Luxury Basketball Tournament last summer with a cash prize, as well as giving out free merchandise, food, music and great vibes. At this tournament, he also allowed other small businesses to vendor in order to get their name out there. Bryce looks forward to continuing the tradition of the Luxury Basketball Classic for years to come, highlighting bigger names and more brands each year.

Furthermore, LIFESCRAZY also has a subdivision called LIFESCRAZY ATHLETICS. What the brand is doing is taking full advantage of the new NCAA NIL rule and helping athletes get compensated for their efforts and hard work on and off the court.

Bryce has many plans for LIFESCRAZY but right now their main focus is to continue to make a major impact in the industry with their new collections and high quality merchandise. The brand is also planning on launching their own NFT collection which will spread the message to ‘Live, Learn, & Grow” and hopefully bridge other supporters, brands and creatives into Crypto and Web3.

In the future, Bryce sees LIFESCRAZY as one of the most successful small business stories ever. Bryce plans on making an impact with his brand to the masses. He plans on headlining in every industry such as music, movies, magazines, and even modern art. 

The sky’s the limit for Bryce and LIFESCRAZY! Live. Learn. Grow.