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LilFrmTha12: The Street Has A Way Of Shaping Someones Character



On the rise artist LilFrmTha12 is a new on the verge music artist. He grew up around the street life and is now changing his mindset for the better. His music tells his life story and struggles he has faced. Everyone around him has basically been incarcerated and he is ready to change the narrative for everyone by becoming something great. LilFrmTha12 is a hustler by nature. Growing up on 1200 Block, Haughville has shaped his character. His music is gritty, raw and eccentric. Make sure you check out his recent releases now on all musical platforms. He has just dropped his recent project No Fans that features tracks such as “Buss It Open”, “I Can’t Let’em”, “Cap” and many others. He will be releasing new contact this year for his fans. His listeners are steadily growing and he wants to continue the momentum. Stream his music now. You will not be disappointed.