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Lilith Stabs’s New Release “Dead Crush”



Lilith Stabs is known for acting, pinup modeling, art and has just released her 4th music release Dead Crush. She has done in the past songwriting and guest vocals on others music projects. Good to see her branch out and come up with her own music efforts. On a personal level she would just love her music to be played by DJ’s in clubs so people could dance and have fun. If you love edm and electro these tunes should be right up your dark alley. This new music has a horror theme to the songs. With titles like Cold Case, Pulled the Plug and Toetag we cannot wait to see what videos she makes for these. They should be like mini horror flicks like the movies she has starred in. These tracks are scary fun in a way no mere mortal could concoct so go give them a listen. They can be found in all the usual places Spotify, Amazon Music, You Tube. etc.

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