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Lilly Englert to Star as Mia in Upcoming Romance Film ‘Sicilian Holiday’



There’s a good news for all Lilly Englert fans; the English actress has reportedly been cast in the upcoming film, Sicilian Holiday, as “Mia”. The film, which revolves around the concept of finding oneself by running away, is the English-language fiction feature debut of the director and producer Michela Scolari. Despite living in the North of Italy for seven years as a child, Englert has not worked there before and is excited to explore the country as a working actress.

Palermo, Cathedral, Sicily, Italy | kavalenkavadesign @ Gettyimages

Englert’s connection with the film comes from her former relationship with Michela Scolari. After reading the script, she was immediately drawn to the storyline and characters. She felt a strong connection with the character of Mia, as they both have shared experiences of establishing a new life in a foreign country. With her experience in film, theater, and television, Englert brings the multidimensional character to life.

Born in London and raised in Parma, Italy, Englert was influenced by her parents’ creative careers as an actress, director, and photographer. She relocated to New York City to train at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in 2010. Since then, she has made her mark in the theater industry, including rave reviews for her performance as Hermia in Julie Taymor’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Theatre for a New Audience.

Englert’s professional film debut was in the 2017 romantic comedy The Wilde Wedding, and she played a role in the historical drama film Ask for Jane in 2018. The talented 33-year-old actress hopes to continue her path of working in film and theatre, finding roles that challenge her to dive deeper into herself. She would also like to continue working with Michela Scholari, whom she describes as the “most dedicated, passionate person” she knows.

Lilly’s advice to those entering the film industry is to create as much as possible, writing and making films to practice one’s craft. She also suggests avoiding comparing one’s success to that of others, as there is plenty of room for everyone in the industry.

Sicilian Holiday promises to be a heartwarming and emotional film that will take viewers on a journey to fall in love with Sicily, where the movie was filmed. Englert describes the island as magical, healing, and captivating, and viewers can expect to laugh and cry throughout the film’s emotional roller coaster ride.

After her commendable performance in Little Women (2019), we all are expecting Lilly to bring a multidimensional character to life in this upcoming romance film.


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