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Lingerie with Taste and Class: Love Loren



With the incredible evolution of lingerie, the idea of women’s intimates has gone from modest to utterly liberating. While the notion of empowering women by way of lingerie is now widely accepted, somehow, the ideals of femininity and delicateness are often lost to oversexualized lingerie designs. Inspired by a lack of thoughtfully-made, delicate and feminine lingerie on the market, up-and-coming women’s clothing brand Love Loren is currently our favorite for simple, yet classic lingerie. 

While the current market for lingerie is morbidly oversaturated with tasteless and sometimes vulgar design, Love Loren offers the perfect alternative that doubles with its versatility in everyday wear as well as special occasion wear. Launched in 2015, the brand was originally founded on its lingerie, but it has since expanded into other women’s clothing including dresses, tops, swimwear, and accessories. Growing it into a globally recognized brand, Love Loren’s social media audience reaches 133K followers on Instagram and 718K on Facebook. 

And though it might appear as though the brand is no different from other trending e-commerce fashion brands, Love Loren’s dedication to quality is high on their list of priorities. Sourcing the best materials from all over the world, the brand’s designers and team of leadership only conceptualize and create designs that are equally thoughtful and made with quality. After receiving an incredible reception of their lingerie, Love Loren’s clothing has gone on to also receive rave reviews. Whether a classic, timeless dress or a bodysuit or top that accentuates a woman’s body, the brand has managed to design a line of clothing that resonates with countless women, helping them feel sexy and delicate all at the same time. To browse their selection and to learn more about the brand, visit Love Loren for their latest styles or follow them on Instagram for updates on upcoming drops.

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