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Louisville Kentucky Has Fresh Talent, And He Goes By G$cully



Greg Miller better known by his stage name G$cully is an aspiring artist from Louisville, Kentucky. He has been writing music since a very young age. So music has always been one of his main interests. He started creating and writing at the age of 12, so now 11 years later he has officially made it his main focus. G$ully not only writes music, but he is an amazing guitarist.The crazy thing is he taught himself how to play the guitar and has mastered it.

His music has been influenced by a plethora of talented artists such as Tupac, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Future, Migos, Juice Wrld and many bands such as Green Day. His musical taste is quite exquisite to say the least. G$cully has his own EP out titled “Your World” and 2 singles called “Resentment” and “Night Time”. He keeps creating each day in order to find his hit project.

 Music is very important to him considering he wants to create the best life and spend all of his time with his daughter. G$ully currently has a distribution deal through United Masters which has become a very popular distribution platform along with DistroKid. A lot of artists now rely solely on their own distribution and marketing their content with their own marketing strategies. His latest project has accumulated well over 7,000 streams thus far and is continuing to grow. Make sure you check out his latest work now on all platforms.

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