“Born To Love And Die” is the opening track for the new EP “Back To The Beginning”, which is released by Danish LUKA (Lasse Kjær).

The opening song is about living in a turbulent relationship with a partner with emotional fluctuation. At the same time, the song describes the difficult and crazy experiences associated with going from a long-term relationship to suddenly having to find a place in a new chaotic single life.

The entire EP takes the listener on a personal development journey with ups and downs from LUKA’s life in the years following his divorce. A time when LUKA in many areas of his life has felt compelled to start all over again with his life – not least with love. And therefore, the title: “Back To The Beginning”

A journey that, according to LUKA, has given him a renewed awareness of who he is today and what values ​​in life count. At the same time, the EP is a call not to let one’s life be ruled by fear, mistrust and worry. Instead, life must be valued and trust strengthened. It is better to live in the present and appreciate what you have around you rather than end up in the shackles and melancholy of the past.

Or as LUKA sings on one of the songs from the EP: “Shake off the blues, go out and dance”.

LUKA’s EP is evocative pop full of emotions and thoughtful lyrics in a genre that varies from indie-pop and folk to ballad and rocket chillwave sound – even sometimes an urban popbeat.

Artist: LUKA 


Release: 05.03.2021