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LUKA : Everything you should know



LUKA“Born To Love And Die” er åbningsnummeret til den nye EP ”Back To The Beginning”, der udkommer fra danske LUKA (Lasse Kjær). 

Åbningsnummeret handler om at leve i et turbulent forhold til en partner med store emotionelle udsving. På samme tid beskriver åbningsnummeret de svære følelser og skøre oplevelser, der er forbundet med at gå fra et langvarigt forhold til pludselig at skulle finde ståsted i en ny og skræmmende kaotiske single-tilværelse. 

Hele EP’en tager lytteren med på en personlig udviklingsrejse med op- og nedture fra LUKA’s liv i årene efter hans skilsmisse. En tid, hvor LUKA på mange områder af sit liv har følt sig tvunget til at starte forfra – ikke mindst med kærligheden. Deraf titlen: ”Back To The Beginning”

En rejse, der ifølge LUKA har givet ham en fornyet bevidsthed om, hvem han er i dag og hvilke værdier i livet, der tæller. EP’en er samtidig en opfordring til ikke at lade sit liv styre af frygt, mistillid og bekymring. I stedet skal livet værdsættes, tilliden styrkes og man skal turde kaste sig ud i alle de udfordringer, der følger med. Hellere leve i nuet og sætte pris på det, man har omkring sig frem for at ende i fortidens lænker og melankoli. 

Eller som LUKA synger på et af numrene fra EP’en: ”Shake off the blues, go out and dance”. 

LUKA’s EP er stemningsfuld pop fuld af følelser, forskellige sindstilstande og eftertænksomme tekster i en genre, som varierer lige fra indie-pop og folk til ballade og rocket chillwave sound – endda til tider et urbant popbeat. 

Artist: LUKA 


Release: 05.03.2021


“Born To Love And Die” is the opening track for the new EP “Back To The Beginning”, which is released by Danish LUKA (Lasse Kjær).

The opening song is about living in a turbulent relationship with a partner with emotional fluctuation. At the same time, the song describes the difficult and crazy experiences associated with going from a long-term relationship to suddenly having to find a place in a new chaotic single life.

The entire EP takes the listener on a personal development journey with ups and downs from LUKA’s life in the years following his divorce. A time when LUKA in many areas of his life has felt compelled to start all over again with his life – not least with love. And therefore, the title: “Back To The Beginning”

A journey that, according to LUKA, has given him a renewed awareness of who he is today and what values ​​in life count. At the same time, the EP is a call not to let one’s life be ruled by fear, mistrust and worry. Instead, life must be valued and trust strengthened. It is better to live in the present and appreciate what you have around you rather than end up in the shackles and melancholy of the past.

Or as LUKA sings on one of the songs from the EP: “Shake off the blues, go out and dance”.

LUKA’s EP is evocative pop full of emotions and thoughtful lyrics in a genre that varies from indie-pop and folk to ballad and rocket chillwave sound – even sometimes an urban popbeat.

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Maria Slusnyte – Stunning Model and Aesthetician



Maria Slusnyte – Stunning Model and Aesthetician

The Perfect Aesthetician And Model Maria Slusnyte

About the Model

Who does not know famous and sizzling model and beauty expert Maria Slusnyte in the industry? In 2017, she has become popular for winning Miss Europe World. Beginning in 2021, she was assigned for a reality show on TV airing on UK’s Channel five. In this show, teams are gathered to open the esthetician clinic Vinchi Kensington. 

She ventured into show biz by taking a start of her modeling career at the age of 14. An agency has spotted her in her hometown via social media. Maria moved to Milan after her high-school to pursue modeling more seriously. She has been working in the fashion industry since then. Her appearance can be seen in fashion shows in Istanbul, Paris, Milan and London. 

She is always busy taking care of her fitness and exercising. Taking care of herself through learning about anti-aging nutrition, fasting, meditating, self-improvement books, reading biographies and many more. All these activities make him a positive minded personality. It is the best way through which she takes positive vibes to make her personality stunning. Due to which, she has no pride in her success. In fact, it has made her a humble and a nice personality.

About modeling she says that it is one of the most rewarding things or careers in one’s life since it allows you to travel and meet several great people. However, this is the career in which you have to live far away from your family, friends and peers. But, you learn more about different cultures and languages. Moreover, models are surrounded by strangers and working during holidays. Fame is the most rewarding thing that you get due to your modeling career. It looks nice when people recognize you in a shopping mall or a common place. 

Maria is famous with the name in the industry of modeling. Her appearance is sizzling in all fashion shows. She took part in the fashion shows and it has made her famous around the globe. She is the winner of the award. She is known for her talent and extraordinary performance related to modeling. She is the most desired lady on screen. Her outclass performance makes her more popular beyond the country. 

Film and TV is the universe of allure and lion’s share needs to be the piece of this fantasy world. There are an enormous number of individuals who are important for it and this world has delivered a few sovereigns according to excellence and execution. There are a few acclaimed TV entertainers showing their ability and administering over the hearts. These exquisite women are loaded with charm and amazingly capable. They are notable for their shocking and hot looks.

How to contact her?

If you want to learn more about her, then accessing her on her social media accounts and web pages is one of the best ways. With a massive fan following and large groups of followers, she is available on Instagram. You can easily contact her on Instagram and get more information about her.  

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Carlucci Keys takes his career to the next level overnight



Carlucci Keys is a paid model, who is currently blowing up overnight, it seems due to his recent successes. If you happen to be on social media, go take a look at his Instagram page and scan through his posts, you will see that he has worked with and been paid by over 35 top companies in America and even had a small feature in the movie Hustlers that came out in 2019. The question some of us are still asking is… did you break into the industry and happen to gain notoriety from all these top brands? Carlucci Keys says networking is vital, and the key is to never give up and to always keep reaching out.

1. Why did you decide to pursue a career in modeling?

I always had a big interest with clothing and as an early teen I was approached by many agencies and talent scouts, my style was always different and it seemed very often that random people would approach me and tell me I exhibited a very keen fashion sense.

2. Who influences you and why ? 

My #1 influence with my career choice in modeling is Tyson Beckford, as a kid I always received many comparisons to him and ever since than he has been my key motivation.

3. What projects are you working on this year ? 

Many projects I must say, but one on the very top of my priority list is to be able to get booked for a modeling gig out of the country.

4. Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 

I see myself in my dream home,  still continuously adding major companies and brands to my resume  of successes , I find joy in modeling and truly don’t see my self not working for many years to come, they  always say find a job or something that you love to do, and well……. it appears I have.

5. Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to find out more information ?

I can be reached on all social media platforms via @carluccikeys

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