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LynRoseThorne Is The Next Upcoming Celebrity



Have you heard of LynRoseThorne yet? If not you need to look her up. Because this is an eccentric upcoming celebrity, that has so much to bring to the table.

From having hundreds of thousands of followers on social media platform Bigo, to recently joining TikTok, to recently being featured in multiple publications and magazines, she has much to offer.

We’re talking about somebody with a great personality, and goals to become a well known music artist.

LynRoseThorne is based in the northside of Illinois, and has plans to collaborate with many possible local influencers soon.

She’s fairly new to TikTok, and has already started building in a couple hundred followers without a single post.

She must be very smart with how she markets herself, but again that’s really none of our business on how she does it. Celebrities are always very secret with what, and how they do certain things. Industry secrets are hard to come by!

Over here we call that determination!

Right now by the way it looks, she’s determined, and has nothing stopping her way. We just wish there was more content of her we could value.

But for the time being we just have to accept what we can get! There’s rumors that she’s doing a complete brand revamp currently, and plans on dropping tons of content very soon!

We’re here for ALL OF IT! With high excitement for what her future holds. Don’t hesitate to check her out.

We highly recommend that you follow her on Instagram below to keep updated with what she’s doing.

We have a good feeling about her!
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