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Make Way For Clint Maedgen’s Artistic Endeavors



Clint Maedgen has been pursuing his artistic career in New Orleans for over 25 years. He delves deeply into artistry with his desire for all things interesting. The artist is a talented performer, recording artist, photographer, filmmaker, and textile artist. His journey is a rich tapestry of a desire to show people how music can improve their lives.

As he headed the musical band The New Orleans Bingo! Show, his punk-cabaret act evolved into something more substantial. It was a group that combined theatrical aspects, music, and a game show. The New Orleans Bingo! Show toured with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in 2007 and 2008. 

The theme of Maedgen’s music has always been to comprehend the chaos in our world, and this is also true with his most recent song. “Sandra Already Knows,” a song with a 2 min 13-sec length, was released on the 9th of July. It was dedicated to a member of his Patreon Panda Family. With Rick Nelson on bass and Tif Lamson on drums and background vocals, this song continues Maedgen’s quest to understand the world through catchy pop-rock melodies and insightful lyrics. 

During the pandemic, Clint generated income by growing relationships with a long-term audience via his P2P website. His aim is to fully musicalize his work in intimate performances and episodes that are a cross between Austin City Limits and Hollywood Squares. 

Clint said, “What could be a better way to share your process with a global audience than online?” Clint explains how his Patreon gives his audience a direct view of how he creates his songs. He also uses the platform to give people a chance to influence his music and a way to stay active. 

Clint Maedgen’s COVID-inspired events offer a much-needed sense of community and connection in a time of societal estrangement. His online concerts transitioned into an interactive zoom show with his fans. Clint uses his passion for music to put creativity into his music and incorporates true-life incidents into his lyrics.

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