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Marc Devisse—Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Community Leader



Marc Devisse

Marc Devisse is a successful entrepreneur with many businesses under his belt. He is an avid philanthropist and is a leader in his community. Throughout his life, he has learned many lessons and hopes to give back to his community in many different ways such as sharing what he has learned.

Back in 2006, Marc started his first business—Tri-Town Construction. It eventually grew from a one-man crew to having many crews and becoming a very successful business. However, like many entrepreneurs, Marc had his fair share of challenges.

The recession hit in late 2007 and two years after it ended, the Government fined Marc’s business 50,000 dollars for not filing the correct paperwork with the state. But, he overcame these challenges and brought his company into a new era of success.

Fast forward to 2019, Marc decided to get into the restaurant industry. He always enjoyed cooking and creating new dishes; so, he decided to try his hand at owning a restaurant. He invested close to a million dollars into his business—Seaside Bar & Grill. 

Yet, he met another major roadblock—Covid. His restaurant was set to open on March 17th, 2020, but that day happened to be the day that Covid shut everything down. However, he was determined to see his restaurant succeed and it ended up surviving the Covid era. 

He then went on to start a catering business called: Bonita Catering & Events. While difficult, he enjoys the work and the satisfaction his customers gain from his food.

Marc is also an avid philanthropist and uses a portion of the money he earns from another business of his (Florida Roofing and Gutters) and invests it into his community.

He has organized many beach clean-ups and fundraisers for his community, and he is an ambassador for both Real Men Wear Pink and Best Buddies. Real Men Wear Pink is an organization focused on helping breast cancer patients, and Best Buddies is an organization that pairs those with intellectual and developmental disabilities with a friend/mentor.

Throughout his business endeavors, Marc has learned that it is important to under-promise and over-deliver—so as to increase customer satisfaction. 

He also advises others to: “Stay humble and never stop learning. Every situation in life is a learning opportunity, whether it’s something you think is great and want to adopt into your company or something that you don’t like and think needs to be done better.”

To those who may be hesitant in getting involved with their community, he explains: “Nobody has ever gone broke by giving back to their community.” So, he advises that you volunteer or organize company events that benefit your community.In the end, it is no wonder that Marc Devisse became a leader in his community. His entrepreneurial journey alone is inspiring and his community-centered heart along with his philanthropic endeavors is all the more impressive. Check our more inspiring stories here.