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MARIO BOTTA: From Naples To The Universe



Known for his ability to capture the essence of natural beauty and the elements, Mario became notoriously known as an international travel photographer.

His journey began as a young boy from Naples, Italy, enamored with cultures and locations different from his own. He went on to move to London at the age of 19, as a charismatic bartender in the bustling nightlife scene. Always chasing exhilarating and challenging experiences, Mario took his travel mission further when he took on an intrepid solo journey across Australia in 2011. Here he discovered his raw and uncontainable love for photography using his first professional camera.

In the years that followed, his passion for travel behind the lens flourished. He continued to explore wherever he could, securing images across more than 40 countries around the world winning also a few GoPro awards. Through his photography, he became recognized for having the ability to seize the essence of a place or culture in an emotive and compelling way focusing on landscape photography.

Mario became a specialist in storytelling through photos which is what makes him one of the most sought-after photographers in the world today. His unique perspective and talent encapsulate the magnificence and splendor of the natural world through the eyes of pure artistry. Over time, his style has evolved into an increasingly multifaceted style of photography that combines human life with the cosmic and underwater world. n 2018, one of the most iconic contributions was with Nat Geo when he traveled to Everest Base Camp and was able to catch magical moments of the life of locals and more. In 2019, with bringing the camera underwater, his career took off.

He offers a haven, even if it is just for a moment, from the toxicity of modern society, so that we can indulge in a temporary visual escape. The motivation behind his work is to inspire others to use creative outlets as a means of expression and celebration of the shapes and characteristics of the human body and the natural world.

Mario’s photography has been featured in numerous prestigious publications, as well as exhibitions across the globe. He had the privilege to photograph some of the most known fashion brands and collaborated with celebrities making an appearance on Sunset Boulevard billboards.

With the use of a wide angle lens, he captures moments that evoke a sense of longing and inspiration which drew spectators from near and far to view his work. By touching the deep recesses of the viewers’ imagination, Botta strives to get to our emotions and change our perception of what is the reality in this world. His art provides a window into different dimensions of our planet, making us question what we take for granted as being ‘normal.’ As a photographer of the modern age, he challenges viewers to see the world with a fresh palette, to question what they know and to discover the wonders of everyday life.

Mario has a unique skill for cultivating perfect moments which calibrate light, the subject, and the composition of a shot.

Mario’s talent has flourished, propelling him into becoming one of the most successful and well-respected travel creatives in the world.

According to Botta, one of the biggest challenges photographers face today is artificiality and superficiality. The production of his company challenges these negative traits, by remaining true to the world’s culture and tradition. As a result of his 100% real policies, the audience is exposed to the raw, real perspective he wishes to reveal to his audience. It is his unique style that is surrealistic and out of this world, which he achieves by using natural effects as opposed to software-enhanced ones.

This enables his audiences to see the world how Botta sees it, and how he intends for them to perceive it. Furthermore, his use of only 100% authentic photos makes his work more relatable and intimate to the viewer, who may not have the luxury of travel available to them.

As a result of his relentless commitment to authenticity, he has been able to distinguish himself from others in the industry. Even when growing up, Botta refused to compromise, despite the many challenges he faced. His inner belief allowed him to persevere through the difficult times and ultimately find success despite them.

There is a valuable lesson here for all entrepreneurs: Stay focused on your goals and stay true to your principles during tumultuous times. Anyone mercilessly dedicated to their dreams will tackle the storm and emerge victoriously from the darkness of difficult times.

As a business owner, Mario often gets asked for advice from aspiring photographers looking to start their own companies or break into the industry.

“Practice is one thing, but finding what moves your soul is what paves your path. Shoot until you feel something and use that as your guide.”

Today, Botta is one of the most sought-after photographers in the industry. His unique eye for composition and ability to capture emotion through nature has earned him a dedicated following of admirers. There is no doubt that Mario is living his dream – and doing exactly what he was born to do. 

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