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“ Martin Huu Nguyen ” Drops Official Music Playlist ” Is It Real ”



The pursuit of greatness comes at the highest price in life. Friends, family, and social media followers will attempt to discourage a dream chaser from stopping believing in the unthinkable. Traveling the road less traveled in life requires an iron stomach, eagle vision, lionheart, and unshakeable faith in oneself. Less than 2% of aspiring Hip-Hop artists survive and make a successful career in rap. Rap music is the most desired career in entertainment. For many of us, music has a healing impact on our bodies and mind. Studies revealed that music touches the deep emotional centers in our brain and helps attain catharsis. Martin Huu Nguyen , telling of his hit number, says: “Music is life itself. It runs deep in my veins. I have poured out my heart and soul into making the “Is It Real” song. Any true art imitates life and embodies its learning. As an artist, I must see my songs reflect all facets of life and human experience. And the song “Is It Real” churns out some of the deepest sentiments and emotions I experienced.”

Martin doesn’t fail to amaze us once again with his ability to adapt to what may be a new summer anthem it seems. The theme song will be starring on the anticipated T.V. Show that he will be starring in,in his hometown Minneapolis, Minnesota. He aired his upcoming melodic & electrifying song “Is It Real” on KRSM 98.9 FM last Thursday night with not only great reviews from the listeners but having the song give off a unique vibe and rhythm that makes anyone want to dance. Once again displaying his amazing versatility Martin Huu Nguyen has shown us he will be an Artist to keep your eyes on. Furthermore Martin Huu Nguyen talked about future projects and what to expect with the T.V Show ending on a great note encouraging his listeners tuning into the interview Thursday night to follow him on his social media for updates.

As for any new music from Martin Huu Nguyen and what to expect without hesitation he discussed the next upcoming music projects stating that the music video for “Is It Real”should be dropping sometime this month as well as July 7th is when the song “Is It Real” officially drops on all music platforms including Apple Music/Spotify/Pandora and other platforms. He will be dropping a mixtape that will most likely be a slower and R&B pace with rhythm catering to the heart & soul, One that will also cater to the “love making & passionate sounds of the bedroom” he stated. He said that he should be dropping this anticipating mixtape before the summer ends along with an amiable diverse flow and harmonious ear-catching melodic feature appearance on the single “melancholy” with the upcoming California artist Kpeazy.

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