It is well known that listening to music may be therapeutic, and it also provides performers with the opportunity to connect with audience members who may be going through similar experiences and problems in their own lives. One of the qualities that set Maserati Gatti apart from other artists is the fact that he is able to work in a great number of different genres. During the same recording session, he is able to make a song that will pull at your heartstrings and a tune that will have the crowd going wild in the club. Both of these effects are achieved via his songwriting. This illustrates the range of skills he has as an artist. The depth-creating capabilities of Maserati are advantageous to the field of the music industry. Maserati is merely telling his own personal tale, but the truth is that everyone has one, and everybody has a story. He has one objective in mind, and that is to be remembered only for the honesty with which he lived his life and for consistently being true to who he is, regardless of the consequences. This is his one and only objective.

Maserati Gatti used to sit back and watch his elder brother and uncles freestyle, but he was never able to pick up the skills necessary to do it himself. After writing a verse for one of Ron Brow’s songs one day, he had the epiphany that he was really very excellent at what he did. He did not have any other ambitions or prospects for the future, therefore he made the decision to pursue music seriously at a young age.

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