Mason Blomberg is the co-star of the new series JANE now streaming on Apple TV. Not only is this young superstar a top-notch actor, but he is also an environmentalist hoping to inspire other young kids to follow in his footsteps. Mason has idolized Dr. Jane Goodall for as long as he can remember so working on this series, based on her work, has been a dream come true. 

What was your favorite scene to film in Jane and why? 

My favorite scene to film in JANE was the underwater shark scenes where I got to film in a shark cage in the middle of the ocean. It was my favorite because it was so cool to see so many different animals down in the deep. We saw tons of jellyfish and a fish called a sunfish or a Mola Mola. We also had to do scuba training at a pool in Toronto to prepare for the scene which was super cool! I thought the whole experience of filming down there was really cool and I hope that I get to do it again. 

When you grow up, what do you want to do? 

When I grow up I want to be an actor and I also want to become a scriptwriter/director. The scriptwriter/director of JANE, J.J. Johnson is so awesome and SO talented and has inspired me to want to be like him when I grow up. I also want to do whatever I can to help protect the environment and its animals. 

Tell us how you prepare for an audition? 

First of all I prepare for an audition by reading the description of the Character so I can understand how the character would react and respond in different situations. Next, I would start memorizing the script, and when I had the script all memorized I would rehearse it with my mom. Now I am ready to do the audition! 

What was your reaction when you found out you had booked the role of David on JANE?

My reaction was I was so excited!!!! My agents and manager called me and said, “Mason I know this is in the news you were hoping for but…” and then they tricked me and they said, “you booked it!” I was so happy and I literally ripped the script that I was currently working on for another audition in half and threw it up in the air and started dancing. 

How did you choose your outfit for the Premiere of Jane? What inspired the look?

My mom and I thought it would be fun if Greybeard the chimp could join us on the red carpet so the CGI animators sent us a couple of pictures of Greybeard and I had a shirt made with the picture. He’s so cute in the picture on my shirt! I wore a suit over it that was by Appaman. Appaman is an awesome clothing company that makes the best suits for kids – they are so cool and so awesome! I was gifted a bee pin and a monkey pin in the days before the premier so I wore those on the suit as well. 

Tell us about why you became a vegetarian? 

I became vegetarian because I don’t want to be the reason animals die. I don’t like the idea of killing animals just to feed my hunger when there are so many delicious alternatives I can eat. We humans are animals ourselves and we should treat all other animals with respect.

What is your favorite vegetarian meal? 

My favorite vegetarian meal is vegan sushi from a vegan restaurant in Toronto called Planta! It is so delicious! I cannot wait to go back to Canada to have it again! I wish they had a restaurant by me! 

Tell us more about being a young environmentalist and what it means to you.

Being a young environmentalist comes with a lot of responsibilities like making sure you do all the things that you can to help protect the environment. Things like picking up trash, conserving water when possible, respecting animals, even things like saving a bee from drowning in the pool. It also means that I help set an example and encourage other kids to be more aware and take steps to help the environment whenever they can too. 

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? I would be an owl because you get to fly and that would be super cool! Also, you have these big powerful talons that you could use to grab things. It would be a real HOOT! 😉