Actor Mason McNulty is best known for his comedic roles in such hits as “Schooled” and “PEN15” as well as dramatic roles in the film “Catch the Bullet”. But his latest role as Bobby in “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia” may be his best yet! Not only is Mason the star of this chilling tale loosely based on infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy, but he is also an executive producer on the film. It seems Mason McNulty can do it all! I recently had the pleasure of interview Mason about his role in “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia” as well as his upcoming projects.

1.    Tell us about your upcoming film Gacy: Terror in Suburbia.

 “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia” is when the devil moves in across the street. I play a boy name Bobby who lives across the street from the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. And soon finds out what John Wayne Gacy is up to.

 2.    What drew you to that script?

What drew me to the script is I have always loved true crime stories. When I read the script, I liked the idea of it being based loosely on the serial killer John Wayne Gacy. There are some true facts and some fictional stories. 

3.    Where did you find inspiration for your character?

I found my inspiration for my love of horror films. Ever since I was young, I have always loved all things horror. 

 4.    How is your character similar to you? How is he different?

My character Bobby is similar to me as when I always bring a character to life, I bring a part of me with it. Bobby and I both have a love for adventure. We are different because Bobby obviously lives a much more on edge life than I do. LOL!

5.    What do you love about this film?

What I love about this film is the idea of what could have been if there was a real Bobby that lived across the street from John Wayne Gacy. 

6.    What do you hope people will take away after watching Gacy: Terror in Suburbia?

What I hope people take away from after watching “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia” is that if you see something to tell the proper authorities. Taking things into your own hands could be very dangerous. 

7.    What other project do you have coming up?

I have a project coming soon called “My Father’s Fiancé” that should be coming sometime at the end of summer early fall. 

 8.    Where can we follow you on social media?

 You can follow me on social media IG @mason.mcnulty