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Matej Manjkas On Building Elithrone Enterprise



Entrepreneurs often venture into the business with several goals in mind. While the most common is to make a fortune and work according to their terms, others build their companies with the intent to change lives for the better. 

Matej Manjkas, a 23-year-old hailing from Croatia, formed the online business Elithrone Enterprise to help brands expand their business. He also recently moved the company to Dubai with his partner and transitioned into a tech startup working on a platform during the last few months.

He shares his journey to building his enterprise to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to start their journey.

Question:  Why did you form your brand/business?

Matej Manjkas: At first, I formed Elithrone Enterprise intending to provide one of the most valuable services which bring people real followers and engagement on Instagram. Around the beginning of 2021, this vision extended to building the top growth-as-a-service company in the industry which focuses on growth for every social platform, getting clients published in the high-tier press, getting them verified, bringing leads, sales, doing full ad campaigns, overall marketing funnel-building as well as content creation, copywriting, and more. Essentially everything a person or company could require to build a truly elite online presence. This vision has then exploded into an idea which led us to our current project and the reason why we transitioned into tech. Elithrone Enterprise is building a platform which will, if successful, transform the entire Earth’s workforce which currently consists of around 3.3 billion people  and completely transform the way businesses are operated forever. We’re not disclosing any other details during the period of building this platform but to say we’re thinking big would be an understatement of the millennium.

Question:  How does it help brand growth? 

MM: As previously alluded to, everything anyone could ever need when trying to build an elite and credible brand online is what our current growth/branding division of Elithrone Enterprise is doing. Presence is what sets apart people who fail online and win online. Credibility is the currency of the online world. The way to project trust and credibility is through growing your brand on social media and beyond by having those top-tier press articles, top-notch website/funnel, as well as high-end content and also testimonials which are the second best way to project credibility. When I first started working alone, I actually worked for free in exchange for testimonials because I knew how powerful they are. It’s an ideal way for others to see that tons of others are buying from you and that you provide them with a fantastic service. 

Question: What are the challenges to building an enterprise?

MM: The most challenging part of any business is building a team that will be able to complete tasks at a high level. Unless your goal is to be a “solopreneur,” this will be one, if not the most challenging, part of growing. The second most difficult part about building a brand/business is positioning. If you want to take the same direction as the top brands across various industries such as Rolls Royce, Rolex, LV, not only will you need to have one of the best products/services in your industry, but you will also need a way to brand yourself in a certain way that by default places you above others and that’s what we do for our clients. The third thing is implementing the correct marketing systems, which will bring you consistent traffic that you can convert to customers. These consist of content, ad campaigns, funnels/websites, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. If you have these three things in place, chances are your brand/business will be extremely profitable

Visit Matej Manjkas’s Instagram for more information. Don’t forget to check out Elithrone Enterprise’s Instagram as well. 

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