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Who Is Matthew Servin ?



Matthew Servin

ALLOW me to introduce my Self. i am Mateo S. i come from humble beginnings iv lived all over Cali from Diego to the Bay to Vegas. i am 36 and have found my purpose in life. Family is very important to me. i started a 360 Virtual Tour Business and am making all the right connections and moves. Serv Uno my company allows me to be in a different Tax bracket. i write off expenses n take advantage of the tax breaks. why do you think Donald Trump pays no Taxes. if you want to be a millionaire or billionaire you got to make moves like them. find your purpose in life and everything will come into place. my faith is strong and if you educate your self there is no limit to what you can accomplish. iv met alot of people in my life time. if you know how to talk to people and keep it 100% you can get what you want. i learned that in my 20s when i was the main PROMOTER @ Kress Night Club in Hwood. i have had a lot of jobs and came to the conclusion i do not want to be a w2 employee being in the highest tax bracket making someones else’s dream com true. Learn from your mistakes and keep pushing. i am Mexican n Jewish so you know I’m good with money. i thank god every day for my blessings and health. health is wealth. i am grateful for the people that have made a difference in my life and i hope the world can be a better place for our children. if you give so shall you receive. i dedicate this to my Son for he is the reason i changed my life i want him to be proud of his Father God is love and I’m always open to do business with anyone 




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