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Maybe Your Experience Could Change The World: It Did For These Three Individuals



Jen Gaudet with Dr. Phil

I have written for entrepreneurs, billionaires, world shakers and others from around the world and sometimes I ask the question. “What am I doing? Too many times, we discredit ourselves and it’s easy to do so. That’s why it’s important to dig in and find your purpose for being alive. We all have one. Often, our purpose is found in the experiences we have gone through. Things that make us tick, lessons we learned from life, and other unique factors to us help guide us into what could be the perfect role for our life. Here’s three people that looked to their abilities, experiences and passions to build a life dedicated to empowering others and changing the world. Hopefully, this leaves you inspired. 

Jen Gaudet : Fostering Purpose and Passion among Entrepreneurs

Jen Gaudet is a recognized figure in the world of entrepreneurship, renowned for her work in empowering her clients to find transformation. Her primary focus is on service-based businesses, including those in the medical, nutrition, and legal sectors. Gaudet’s dedication centers on positively impacting a million entrepreneurs.

Jen’s career began in sports medicine, a path she chose at a young age due to a personal experience that revealed the healing potential of physical therapy within her family. Despite her early commitment to this field, she reached a point where she felt stuck. Inspired by her coach’s advice to “Don’t think about how, have a big enough why,” Gaudet made a significant shift into health coaching.

A pivotal moment in Gaudetr’s career occurred in May 2017 when she ventured into overseas medical mission work as a mentor and teacher to doctors. This experience led her to realize and embrace her aptitude for business. While she initially focused on health coaching with a focus on burnout, Gaudet gradually redirected her efforts towards supporting businesses, embarking on a transformative journey.

Unlocking Purpose and Passion

According to Gaudet, not everyone naturally possesses a clear purpose in life. She firmly believes that “if the passion is truly your purpose, then it is greater than any level of discomfort.” In her opinion, successful entrepreneurs are driven by deep passion for their work and business processes, always eager to fully immerse themselves.

For Gaudet, discovering one’s purpose involves reflecting on life’s proudest moments, identifying mentors, recognizing profound emotions experienced during formative years, and discerning the overarching themes that connect these experiences. It is through this process of self-reflection and analysis that individuals can identify the right business for them or align more closely with their existing ventures.

Navigating Toward Success

Throughout her career, Gaudet has achieved remarkable feats, including speaking engagements on five continents and leading think tanks and initiatives to reimagine healthcare. She admits to being surprised by her own achievements, particularly her appearances on television, which she finds unexpected, considering she rarely watches television.

Gaudet r’s approach to success is straightforward and realistic, devoid of any illusions. She is highly critical of the widespread desire for quick fixes or magical solutions to success. “Everyone sees the success but not the journey and effort it took to get there,” she says. “If you’re not failing, you’re not thinking big enough. There is no magical pill.”

For those interested in connecting with Jen Gaudet and tapping into her wealth of knowledge and insights, they can reach out to her through LinkedIn.

Trent Nessler: A Pioneer in Preventing Injuries for Athletes and First Responders 

Trent Nessler

Trent Nessler

When it comes to injury prevention for athletes and tactical personnel, Dr. Trent Nessler, PT, MPT, DPT, stands as an exceptional figure. He has dedicated over 25 years of his career to safeguarding the physical well-being of active individuals around the world. Serving as the Senior Vice President of Ready Rebound Vitality, Dr. Nessler’s primary focus is on preventing injuries among first responders. His commitment is deeply rooted in a profound understanding of movement science, innovative practices, and extensive clinical experience.

A Visionary in Sports Medicine

Dr. Nessler is widely recognized for his contributions to sports medicine, but he doesn’t rest on past achievements. Instead, he continuously pushes boundaries to bring cutting-edge sports science, research, and technology to athletes and first responders worldwide. Dr. Nessler’s portfolio includes several successful commercial products that have positively impacted over 100,000 individuals across five countries.

As the co-founder and developer of ViMove+ AMI and ViPerform AMI, Dr. Nessler has been at the forefront of technological innovation in injury prevention. These groundbreaking applications, powered by wearable sensor technology from DorsaVi, provide comprehensive analysis and strategies to enhance human movement. They play a pivotal role in preventing injuries and improving performance for athletes.

With over 70,000 athletes assessed using this technology across various sports and skill levels, these applications have contributed to the development of the world’s largest objective movement database. This vast data repository has provided deeper insights into athletic movement, facilitating the creation of more effective programs for improvement.

Author, Educator, and Lifelong Learner

Dr. Nessler is not only a published researcher and author of ‘How To Build A Badass Firefighter’ but also an enthusiastic educator. He leads the BFR certification course and plays a substantial role in a prominent sports education platform as a senior member. His dedication to education extends to his role as a co-founder of organizations and institutes that promote knowledge and the practice of movement science and injury prevention. These institutions particularly benefit combat athletes (MMA/BJJ), military personnel, and law enforcement officers.

Dr. Nessler’s commitment to innovation and improvement is unwavering. He consistently challenges conventional wisdom and the traditional approaches to injury prevention. In his words, “My entire career is a testament to advancing knowledge, techniques, and products crucial for injury prevention in both athletics and tactical operations. Through continuous learning and challenging the status quo, we can offer improved and efficient solutions for active individuals everywhere.”

His contributions to the field of sports medicine and injury prevention, specifically for athletes and tactical professionals, are truly commendable. Through his innovative applications, educational initiatives, and tireless pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Nessler has left an indelible mark in his field. 

Dr. Susan Nicholas: Illuminating a Deeper Path to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

Dr. Susan Nicholas

Dr. Susan Nicholas

Dr. Susan Nicholas embarked on her professional journey in the realm of medicine, eventually becoming a heart surgeon. However, in 2012, her path took an unexpected turn as she underwent a profound awakening, enabling her to perceive auras, energies, and life from a unique perspective. She recalls, “I had an awareness of things that were once mere abstractions; something awakened within me.”

It took four years and the completion of her first book, ‘The Duality of Being,’ in 2016 for Dr. Nicholas to fully embrace and comprehend these experiences. Prior to her awakening, she had a career as an entrepreneur and healthcare equity investor. This transition from a life driven by worldly success and financial security to one centered on consciousness and soul healing was not without its challenges. As Dr. Nicholas asserts, “If you don’t wake up and do it, the universe will guide you onto the right path.”

A Unique Approach to Healing

Dr. Nicholas’s approach to healing and consciousness is as exceptional as her journey. Grounded in the understanding that energy cannot be created or destroyed, she meets her clients where they are, having one-on-one conversations, during which she actively listens and taps into the energy and vibration of her clients’ words, often perceiving the unspoken. 

She offers three key modalities: harnessing the power of language, empowering introspection, and spiritual healing that transcends words. Dr. Nicholas also provides intimate recordings, podcasts, and meditations, tailoring each session to individual needs.

Personal and Professional Success

For Dr. Nicholas, success is not merely about conquering fears but also about evolving and transitioning continually. She believes that success involves breaking free from the cycles of fear and routine that keep individuals trapped in unsatisfying lives, even if there is comfort in the familiarity of the known.

In her own life, success is defined by the challenges she has surmounted and the heightened awareness she has embraced. Her next endeavor, The Human Consciousness Consortium, aims to raise funds to break the cycles of generational poverty and to bring conscious media content to a broader audience. As a VIP life transformation guide, speaker, writer, podcaster, and publisher, she plans to integrate all these elements to provide content that inspires emotional well-being, spiritual awakenings, climate awareness, and clean water initiatives, among other pressing issues affecting humanity today.

For those seeking to embark on a transformational journey, Dr. Nicholas shares this message, “You are a being of light, far more than your physical body, and reality extends beyond our shared world.” Life is about shedding the heavy baggage passed down through generations, a process that often requires conscious awareness and the transformation of energy.

To delve deeper into Dr. Nicholas’s teachings, visit